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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Type: Bluuray - Open Edition
Release Date: 2021-11-30

Geek's Thoughts: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now available digital and on Disney+. November 30th the film will be released on various disc formats. This Marvel Studios film explores the origins story of Shang Chi. The film stars Simu Liu as Shang-Chi and follows his journey as he confronts his past and the leader of the Ten Rings Organization, his father.


I was sent the Blu-ray/Digital Code package of the release to review. Below are my first impressions of the bonus features, for a complete listing of the features & specifications here is the original home video press release.

  • Building a Legacy (8:52) – This is a traditional featurette but felt very rushed. It clocked in at under 9 minutes and includes a look at the costumes, sets, cast and effects of the film. Each of those topics could easily have taken 10 minutes or more to discuss in depth. What is explored is interesting to see but its too short.
  • Family Ties (7:30) – This featurette takes a look at Shang-Chi and his family. It talks a little about their relationship and includes some interviews with the cast.
  • Gag Reel (2:09) – A standard gag reel, and as you might guess Awkwafina plays heavy in the out takes.
  • Audio Commentary (Full length) – Audio Commentary by writers of the film Destin Daniel Cretton and Dave Callaham sharing some of their insights into the production.
  • Deleted Scenes (11 scenes) – There are no introductions or information on the deleted scenes, just the scenes available to view.
The bonus features available for this release are average. They check off the boxes as to what you would expect from bonus features. I would have liked to have seen the Building a Legacy featurette expanded as I thought each topic was short changed in it. Having a full length commentary from the writers was interesting.

Comparing this release to what you have as a Disney+ subscriber it comes down to bonus features. The digital and disc versions have the ones listed above. Disney+ has the IMAX format of the film and standard but no bonus features listed as of now. Disney+ does have a 67 min Marvel Studios: ASSEMBLED documentary on the making of the film that includes includes pieces of both the Building a Legacy and Family Ties featurettes. The primary difference is deleted scenes. If you are a fan of deleted scenes or would like the commentary by the writers you will need to go with a digital or disc version vs Disney+.

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