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Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Type: DVD - Special Edition
Release Date: 2007-12-04

Geek's Thoughts: The summer blockbuster was released right after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and in time for Christmas... they released a standard single disc, a two disc set, and a Blue Ray set. I purchased the 2 disc set. The first disc in the set contains the movie with a couple bonus items, such as the standard commentary track. I have not watched that yet, I only made it through the film and then the 2nd disc. The 2nd disc contains most of the bonus material. The highlight for me was the piece on the Maelstrom. I really enjoy seeing how the films are made and this piece showed some of the set creation and how they created this amazing scene. There is also a brief piece on the Asian set which is interesting. One of the other main focal pieces is on Hans Zimmer and the score of the film.


Overall I enjoyed this disc set, but I would have liked to have seen more on the production of the film, but that is always something I want to see more on. Compared to the bonus material on the 2nd film I thought this one was lacking a little, but still interesting.

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