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Loki : Season 1

General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Type: Bluuray - Open Edition
Release Date: 2023-09-26

Geek's Thoughts: Marvel Studios Loki: The Complete First Season is now available on various disc formats. The offering include all six episodes of the inaugural season plus a handful of bonus features with some being unique to the offering.

There is a 4K UHD and a Blu-ray offering. This is the first in a series of releases from Disney that will include WandaVision on Nov 28t and the Mandalorian Season 1 & 2 on December 12th.


I was able to review the Blu-ray Steelbook offering. It is a two disc set that comes with a trio of post card size prints and a metal case. Each disc contains three episodes and some of the bonus features. Disc 1:

  • Designing the TVA (5:43) – An exclusive featurette that takes you onto a couple of the sets of season one and acts as a teaser for season 2.
  • Gag Reel (1:21) – A traditional gag reel.
  • Deleted Scenes (4:59) – Two scenes, Loki’s Coronation & The Standoff. There is no commentary and the scenes are missing some special effects and post production work.
  • The Official TVA Orientation Video (1:46) – The full TVA orientation video by Miss Minutes.
Disc 2:
  • Assembled: The Making of Loki (63 minutes) – This documentary is the same one that is available on Disney+. It explores the series and history of Loki.

Overall the bonus features are in line with what you would expect from a home video release. The problem I had is the key feature, the Assembled program has been available on Disney+ for months now so the set brings very little in terms of new offerings. The three new offerings all felt on the short side to me and that they could have used more. For example some context/thought behind the deleted scenes would have been nice. Or more maybe breaking the Designing the TVA into two pieces. An extended look at the sets plus a preview of season 2 vs one sub six minute piece.

I thought the steelbook case and collectible concept art cards were both nice touches for the set to make it feel more like a collectors piece. The way the two discs sit in the tin seemed awkward to me with the second disc harder to access.

If you are looking to build out your physical Marvel collection this is an offering you will want to consider. If you are searching for some new bonus material on Loki you will most likely be disappointed with the limited new offerings.

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