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General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Type: Bluuray - Open Edition
Release Date: 2022-09-13

Geek's Thoughts: The Disney Pixar film “Lightyear” is now available digitally and on various disc formats.   This film is the origins story of Buzz Lightyear.   If you have wondered where the action figure came from this is the film that inspired the toy Andy received.

“Lightyear” arrived on Disney+ and other digital platforms on August 3rd.   The Disney+ release was just the film with an enhanced IMAX viewing mode, there were no bonus features beyond a trailer released with it.   Other Digital platforms did include the bonus features to match the disc release. 


I received the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital version to review.  Here are some first impressions of the bonus features:

  • Building the World of Lightyear (14:27) – This is a very traditional featurette taking a look at creating the film.  Creating the planet, ships, and Buzz are all discussed.  You see some footage from the team’s research trips to NASA.  I thought this felt really short at under 15 minutes.
  • The Zap Patrol (9:03) – A more in depth look at the trio that joins Buzz on his adventure.   This was an average featurette.
  • Toyetic (9:53) – It will not come as a surprise to many that Lightyear lends itself to Toy creation… since its premise is this is the film that led to the toy Andy received in Toy Story.    What I found interesting in this piece is the discussions with Angus MacLane (the director) and the LEGO team.  I would have liked to have seen them dive deeper on this even!
  • Lightyear Filmmaker Commentary – Director Angus MacLane, writer Jason Headley, and director of photography Jeremy Lasky share some of their insights and recollections from the film during a full length commentary.
  • Deleted Scenes (26:37): A handful of deleted scenes including an overall introduction and one for each scene by Angus MacLane.  The scenes are all in rough storyboard form.
For an initial home video release this was on par to slightly more options than most other offerings.   If you enjoy deleted scenes and full length commentaries this has a great set of features.  If you are like me and skew more toward liking the technical making of features you will find the selection on the thin/lacking side with under 30 minutes of featurette material.

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