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Walt Disney Presents Millennium Celebration

General Information:

Media Type: Music CD
Type: Themepark Music
Release Date: 1999-10-05

Track Listing:
1) Reflections of Earth
2) We Go On
3) Tapestry of Nations


This is a great CD. It contains complete recordings of the Reflections of Earth show and the Tapestry of Nations parade. It does not have the narration for either though. I really enjoy listening to this CD.

What I liked: I loved this CD. I ordered well in advance of my trip to WDW and it was a great preview. I also appreciated having the long tracks, so often you get CDs where the tracks are edited down, and this was not the case with this one.

What I disliked: Not much.... probably the small number of tracks on this CD and the play time of the CD (longer would have been better)....

What I would have liked to have seen: After going to WDW and seeing the shows I miss the narrator. Too bad they did not do what they did on the MGM Fantasmic CD and had the "studio version" and then the "show version" that includes naration and sound effects. The CD had space on it, and it would have really added to the overall experience of the CD.

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