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Walt's Revolution!: By the Numbers

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Media Type: Book
Type: Other
Release Date: 2005-05-01

Geek's Thoughts: I was really excited to read this book with my engineering/math background it sounded extremely interesting to me to learn a bit about the analysis of parks and attractions from the numbers side of things. There are not really that many books out there that look at the business side and this one really drew my interest. I came away from the book a bit disappointed. There were a couple interesting parts, but overall the book left me wanting more. More details, more explanation, just more. The meat of the book seemed to be listings of the projects he had worked on. The he I am referring to is Harrison Buzz Price. He was a consultant that worked for several companies including Disney over the years on project assessments. Many of these lists consisted of a title and a brief one to two line description of the project. I am guessing because of non-disclosure agreements or other reasons the details could not be discussed. That really leads to more questions and desire than anything. I think this is an interesting read, but probably for most you will want to get it from your local library instead of investing in it, luckily for those of you who either like to own the books or have a crummy local library this book is not that expensive (under $20 at Amazon).


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