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Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland: What You See at Disneyland, but Never Really See

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2012-11-01

Geek's Thoughts: This book had been on my radar since its release back in 2012. The premise sounded interesting to me and worth checking out. The idea is to showcase some of the details that make Disneyland such a rich environment. And since I enjoy doing this on disneygeek.com thought it was a natural fit. I found this to be a very quick read.. the focus is the pictures.. the book spans 193 pages and includes 374 pictures. Covering topics including trashcans, rest room signage, hidden tributes, signs, the ground, etc... All in all I had seen, photographed or read about everything in the book, nothing jumped out at me as being new or different. What I did like was having a tangible book to flip through and look at the pictures.. computers are nice but there is something about paper that I still enjoy. If you enjoy some of the topics we cover here on disneygeek.com and think you would like them in print you may want to take a look at adding this book to your library.


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