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Media Type: Book
Type: Backstage/Behind the Scenes
Release Date: 2007-10-01

Geek's Thoughts: I was looking forward to reading this book ever since finding out about it. The author is David Koenig and he wrote the MouseTales books which took a look behind the scenes at the Happiest Place on Earth. In this book he turns his focus to the east coast at Walt Disney World. I really enjoyed reading this book as it chronicles the history of WDW from its conception, through construction up to running the parks. The chapters that I enjoyed the most were those focusing on the construction of the Magic Kingdom, its resorts, and EPCOT. I thought the book lost some steam after EPCOT and I would have really liked to have seen as much detail in the Studios and Animal Kingdom chapters.


I found the chronicling of the change in culture/focus of the Florida project over the years to be the most intriguing analysis along with the tracing of the demise of Walt's EPCOT concept. These two arguments I agree with and I think David has done a great job of documenting the changes at WDW.

I thought a couple chapters read too much like a police blotter and I was not too interested in them, just reading an incident log does not draw my interest, where as with most of the chapters he goes in depth with stories, examples and analysis.

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