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Making Magical Memories: A Father & Son's Guide to the Disneyland Resort

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Guidebooks
Release Date: 2013-11-05

Geek's Thoughts: When I first heard about this book I was intrigued by it. All of us disneygeeks have heard the story of Walt sitting on a bench watching his daughters enjoy a carrousel ride and he wanted to build a park where children and their parents can experience it together. This premise is a fundamental reason many visit Disney theme parks. Too often today as you walk the parks you will see families there together but instead of a shared/interactive experience they are each lost in their own world. Some are looking at their phone or other electronic device, others looking off into space, and others trying to herd the group along. Communication is basically a where are we going next or when are we eating. There is no real discussion beyond that. In this book you are presented with ideas of how to have a shared experience and questions to seed conversations.

Bryce & his son Derek have put together what they are describing as a Handbook to the Disneyland Resort. The book is a mixture of things ranging from a traditional guide book in the sense of descriptions of an attraction and planning tips to activity book with suggestions of things to do while you explore the parks. The book is organized into twelve missions. Do not be scared off by the term mission. They are really suggested itineraries and organized into groups that can be accomplished in varying lengths of time ranging from a couple hours to a full days visit.


Each mission/chapter consists of:

Getting Around – An overview of what this mission consists and a description of what you will be seeing/experiencing.

The Attraction Adventure – A description of each attraction in the chapter including comments from both Bryce and his son. Plus some occasional things to keep your eye out for when visiting a given attraction.

The Alternatives – A secondary set of attractions that usually parallel the first and can be used as substitutions based on preference or time constraints.

The Photo Op – Suggestions on photos to take based on where you are for the mission.

The Food – Some dining suggestions. Each chapter includes a meal and treat idea for both inside the parks and outside.

Talk About – Some suggested topics of discussion while you explore the park and wait in line.

This Time Around – Pointing out some details or extras that you may want to keep your eye out for.

Have You Seen – An eye spy type of activity. A set of observations to keep an eye out for. For example “Anything Ducktales related”.

The book is intended to be taken with you to the park and something you can work through as you enjoy your visit. The target audience is the more frequent visitor to the park. It is not geared to the once in a lifetime tourist in the sense that you do not get full day plans or complete descriptions of everything. I would say this would be an interesting read for an annual passholder or frequent visitor to the parks with kids in grade school.

For more information or to order an e-book visit their website - http://continuingthevision.com

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