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The Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2008-11-04

Geek's Thoughts: This is the fourth book in the Imagineering Field Guide Series. The first three focused on Florida Parks (The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom). This book follows the same compact format as the others but deals with the original Disney theme park, Disneyland. At 125 pages and due to the small format its a really quick read. As with all the other books in the series I enjoyed reading it but was disappointed by the constraints of the format... I always want more and this is no exception. Throughout the book there are some great concept art pieces (a couple I had not seen before) and I would really have liked to have seen them bigger than a couple inches. Maybe someday they will release a larger format of these books with the concept art enlarged.


After reading the book I was trying to figure out if I learned anything new in this book and I do not think I did, but it does put quite a few interesting stories and ideas in a easy reference format and if you have not read many of the books on the parks history I would think this is great. It is fairly up to date too with the inclusion of the Mark VII Monorails even, but it did have one mention of the Ariels Grotto which is gone now.

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