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From Dreamer to Dreamfinder

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Media Type: Book
Type: Other
Release Date: 2012-07-31

Geek's Thoughts: I always enjoy learning about those who have helped create the magic we all enjoy in the parks. Ron Schneider put together a memoir that covers his journey through 40 years of performing. He discusses his time with Disney including the Golden Horseshoe, the opening of Epcot and his role as Dreamfinder, and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor as well as his time at several other parks, dinner shows, and freelance gigs.

Ron grew up in the right place at the right time. For example he was able to visit Disneyland on opening day and he worked on opening teams for Magic Mountain, EPCOT, & Universal Studios Florida. Ron was able to leverage this timing with a lot of hard work, contacts, and talent to put on shows many of us have seen and enjoyed.

In the book he takes you behind the curtain a bit to learn about the daily routines, processes, and opportunities each job presented. He discusses some of the corporate in fighting/cultures as well as personalities he encounters and then re-encounters/crosses paths with over his journey.


For those of you looking for a polished Disney history book this is not one for you. Ron tells it as he sees it and as he experienced it as well as his opinions of the people and situations. His Disney interactions account for a healthy section of the book but it is only a portion of his journey, all be it to us disneygeeks the sections we are most interested in.

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