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Disneyland - Then, Now and Forever

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2005-05-05

Geek's Thoughts: This is the latest in a series of Disneyland Park books that date all the way back to the parks opening. We have collected several of these over the years and this one is amazing. If your familiar with Disney park books they are basically collections of postcard quality shots with some writing that takes you on a tour of the park so you can relive your trip. This version takes a slightly different approach. It looks at the park in a historical context as well as its present state. One of my favorite things this book does is take a look at what was at a particular site over the years.. for example what was where Space Mountain was before it was built, and what was there before that? I really enjoyed this book and think its a great addition to your library as a brief pictorial history of the park, there seemed to be several photos that had not been released in other books in this one.

If your looking for a comphrensive picture book to remind you of your trip this may not be the best book for you though. For example it barely mentions the hotels, where as the old version had a page or two on each. Also not every current attraction is pictured and if you do not care about the parks history then much of this book will not interest you.


This book was released the day the 50th Anniversary Celebration kicked off, May 5,2005. It is approx 180 pages, of which only 8 deal with DCA, the rest are all Disneyland.

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