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A Disney Sketchbook

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Other
Release Date: 2012-10-09

Geek's Thoughts: This hard cover book from Disney Editions is exactly what the title says. It is a sketchbook of Disney animation art spanning Mickey Mouse through Tangled. The drawings represent many stages of character development and the animation process from original concept to character definition/model sheets to nearly finished and everything in between.


This book is light on text, only a couple page introduction, then the rest of the 150 pages are devoted to the sketches. There is no narrative, not even indications of the character, film, or artist. The hard cover and heavier bound paper give the book a substantial feel as you sit back to flip through it. Even an untrained eye like mine was able to pick up on some of the great detail and thought that went into many of these sketches. I can only imagined what a trained eye or artist in training could pick up from these drawings.

I really enjoyed the pages that had the reference sheets looking at the details of a particular character. The two that jump to mind are one for Mickey Mouse and another for Stitch. There were notes on each such as where a nose would be in relation to the center line for the character or how the character should be balanced. Or how many heads high a character is. These small details really give you an appreciation for how much time and effort goes into creating these characters and then traditional hand drawn animation the painstaking process of implementing these thousands of times for all the drawings necessary to make a film.

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