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Disney in Details

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2011-11-16

Geek's Thoughts: This fun softcover book takes you on a tour of the Walt Disney World Resort and features page after page of great detail pictures. Scattered throughout the piece are picture snippets titled Where in the World? These act as a way to test your disneygeek status... you can try to identify where they are. Some are really straightforward where others are quite challenging. I have to admit I missed a couple or only had a vague idea where they are (I should have kept track but I am guessing I missed about a handful on my quick read through). Each major attraction is highlighted in some way including quite a few pictures as well as some text sharing interesting tidbits of information.


The book comes in at just under 100 pages and is an easy to read format. I think it would make a great souvenir for a WDW vacation. My understanding is it will initially be available only at the parks (and probably hotels/Downtown Disney). The MSRP on it is $9.95 so it is reasonably priced too thanks to being a soft cover book.

Lastly wanted to note the copy is really up to date and even mentions some of the upcoming changes, such as the closing of Snow Whites Scary Adventure and the Fantasyland expansion.

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