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Disney Cruise Line: Welcome Aboard! The Creation of the Disney Dream

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2011-01-05

Geek's Thoughts: I found this to be a quick read and overview of the Disney Dream Cruise ship that set sail in 2011. The book starts off with a brief history of the Disney Cruise Line and its other ships and then carries on through the design and construction of this ship before focusing on what it will be like to cruise on the ship. It concludes with a brief look at how Disneys Island was expanded to handle the larger ship.

I believe this book is exclusive to the ship for now.


This very quick read, it has 85 pages but they are small, is a fast paced overview of the Disney Dream. If you are looking for an in depth book you will leave wanting more, but if you are looking to learn about the ship or a keepsake this is a great fit.

I thought it was great to tie the cruise line back to Walt and Lillian as well as a brief overview of the first two ships. As always though I want more!

I have two things I would like to have seen changed. First is the format. The book is relatively small and a larger format would really do the images and artwork justice. It is really hard to make out the detail in the current one. I am guessing the format was chosen to help keep the cost down. The printed price on it is under $14.95. My second issue is this was put together before the ship was finished so there are very few actual photos. I would like to see a second edition with more photos of the ship as it was built.

A listing of the chapters

  1. In Port
  2. View from the Harbor
  3. Boarding Call
  4. Seafaring Fare
  5. On-Deck-Reation
  6. All Youth on Decks
  7. Adult Amusement Ahoy!
  8. Stately Staterooms
  9. Port of Call

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