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Disney A to Z (Fifth Edition): The Official Encyclopedia

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Media Type: Book
Type: Other
Release Date: 2016-11-15

Geek's Thoughts: The 5th Edition of Disney A to Z - The Official Encyclopedia by Dave Smith was published last November. The first edition was released back in 1996 and since then the book has grown from 5,200 entries to 7,600. This edition includes entries through summer of 2016.


Even in this modern/digital era I find it nice to thumb through a print reference book and have information at my fingertip. There is something different skimming through pages and flipping around vs typing and clicking. Also I find it helpful to have a book with official information that is vetted and proofed coming from a verified source vs what you find on the internet now a days.

Entries cover all aspects of the “Disney Universe” including Theme Parks, film, television, people and characters. Information provided can include key dates, such as opening and closing information, brief histories, cast and episode lists or other factoids. In this updated edition Marvel and Lucasfilm projects after the Disney acquisition (nothing from before) have been added. Pixar is present and since the films were joint projects with Disney it has all of them. Also included are noteworthy events/promotions such as its involvement in the Tournament of Roses or the Olympics.

If you are looking for an authoritative source of Disney knowledge you should consider adding this to your reference book collection. Having quick and easy access to information from Disney history is great resource. Having a book to flip open and see what nuggets of information you find is also a fun adventure to embark on.

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