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Designing Disney (Paperback)

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Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2009-01-06

Geek's Thoughts: This is the paperback version of a hard cover book that was released back in September of 2003. I was excited to see this book back in print because I enjoyed it so much and have recommended the original to many people over the years and being a paperback version means its even more affordable. Reading through the book (and cheating by looking at my hardcover version) I did not catch any modifications, changes, or updates.


Walt Disney Company
This book was written by John Hench who started at the studios in animation and moved into Imagineering near the very beginning of Disneyland's history. If you have seen an official picture of Mickey over the years you have seen a John Hench piece of art. John Hench was involved with the planning of every Disney theme park all the way up to Tokyo DisneySea. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 96.

In this book you are taken through some of the aspects of designing Disney themeparks. The concepts are broken into the following chapters:
The Art of Show
The Art of Visual Storytelling
The Art of Character
The Art of Color

What really made this book stand out to me is how a concept is explained, then great examples are given using pictures, notes, and some great little stories from his over 60 years at the Walt Disney Company. You will learn how Imagineers take concepts such as Show and Storytelling to create the rich environments we visit in the parks. Other concepts such as the "Wienie" are explored too. In the Disney sense of the word this is the visual to draw you in a direction. The classic example here would be one of the castles at a Disney park.

The afterward of the book is also a nice little gem titled Me and Mickey and it chronicles Johns work with Mickey over the years and his official portraits.

Also scattered throughout this book are some great concept drawings as well as character drawings.

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