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The Art of Walt Disney World

General Information:

Media Type: Book
Type: Parks - Picture
Release Date: 2009-05-06

Geek's Thoughts: For those of you out there that really enjoy Disney theme park artwork this is a must have. This 160 page book features page after page of Walt Disney World artwork. Stretching back to the resorts inception and going all the way through recent years. It includes artwork from all four parks, many of the resorts, and other areas of Walt Disney World. It has pieces that features the icons of the parks and then some lesser known aspects of the resort, such as the Fort Wilderness Campground Railroad that ran from 73-77.


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If you are like me you always gripe at how many of the Disney books out there scale the artwork to a relatively small size and squeeze it into onto a page, then you will be pleasantly surprised with this book. Most pages of this large format (10x13 inch) book feature a single piece of art. Also interesting to note is you read the book on its side so the images are wider than they are higher, to duplicate their original look. For each piece of art there is a caption near by that has details such as the original size, media used, year, artist, and a brief line or two about the piece.

I really enjoyed seeing the concept and comparing that to what was build, but more interesting to you disneygeeks out there may the pieces of concept art that have not materialized into reality yet (I say it that way since many say good ideas at Imagineering never die, some just take longer to become reality than others - or something along those lines). For example are you interested in learning about the proposed Main Street Hotel that was in some of the early WDW Magic Kingdom plans?

The book is organized into the following sections:
  • A World of Nostalgia
  • A World of Adventure
  • A World of Fantasy
  • A World of History
  • A World on the Move
  • A World of Tomorrow

As of right now this is a themepark exclusive book, but some online stores do have the book available, such as our partner Laughingplacestore.com.

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