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    The Autopia in Hong Kong Disneyland is in Tomorrowland and has one track that has an elevated portion that extends out into the land.
    The entrance sign (to the right construction for the Iron Man Attraction was underway).
    During our days in Hong Kong Disneyland the Autopia consistently had the longest wait times.
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    A height check to ride and to drive alone.
    The construction wall lines this portion of the queue.
    The Iron Man Attraction work.
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    The queue is on the second floor and the cars come and go on the lower level.
    looking out toward the track.
    The cars in Hong Kong are electric, so no fumes or loud engines.
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    This track was not in operation yet today. The other two were.
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    Next to board.
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    Here is a video of the ride experience (this was from my second ride through of the morning).
    Waiting for the all clear to go.. even stopped my speedometer showed I was moving..
    The car ahead of me sped off so time to get moving.
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    As I pulled out my speed increased.
    The road features a lot of plants and trees
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    The crane is for the Iron Man attraction construction.
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    Heading up the ramp to get a view of Tomorrowland.
    From onboard the view is not that impressive thanks to the railings.
    Approaching Space Mountain
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    The attraction entrance is to the right, notice the sign.
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    Almost back to the load/unload.
    The safety sign in the car, in three languages.
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    A closer look at the car in front of me. A stop button and another mode selector.
    The load/unload area
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    Cars coming into the load/unload area.
    Back out in Tomorrowland.
    To close a short video look around Tomorrowland including Autopia cars passing overhead.

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