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    Decided to walk through Downtown Disney to start my morning. Chalk art by Marcella Swett as part of the Celebrate Soulfully events.
    A Proud Family Photo op has taken over the Lunar New Year photo spot on the former ESPN building.
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    Not a lot of visible progress from this angle on the demolition work. I saw pictures from the south side and they have started to tear apart the AMC portion of the building.
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    The former Starbucks has had some material stripped away. And would assume the interiors of all buildings have been cleared of anything useful.
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    The Disneyland Monorail is closed for a few weeks during the demolition work.
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    7:56am - The lines to enter Disneyland stretched beyond the Monorail.
    No lines at the ticket booths now a days most of the time.
    A better view of the line to enter Disneyland.
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    Across the Esplanade you can walk right into DCA.
    7:57am picked a line.
    8:03am - In the park, so not too bad.
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    Main Street USA at 8:06am
    Renovation work continues.
    The clock has returned, but was running slow. I had 8:07 as the current time.
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    China Closet is undergoing some exterior renovation.
    The store itself is still open.
    Plaza Point has some new displays for the Easter/Spring Season.
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    Two horse-drawn trolleys were making the rounds this morning.
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    As were several other vehicles as usual.
    Sleeping Beauty Castle this morning.
    No real visible progress on this store in Fantasyland.
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    Since there was not a long wait made my way to Snow White's Enchanted Wish.
    Turned out to be about a 3 minute wait.
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    Next up Alice in Wonderland. This was about a 7 minute wait this morning.
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    Walked through Tomorrowland around 9:30. It was fairly quiet in this area with the Subs and Monorail closed.
    Paying a visit to Toontown to check out the construction, and had hoped to visit Car Toon Spin but it had not opened yet.
    Scaffolding is going up around the El Capitoon.
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    The hills are continuing to take shape. The panels have been installed and gaps filled in for the first portion of the building.
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    Another look at the El Capitoon
    Scaffolding also up at the former Gag Factory
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    Here you can see the progression of work on the hill backdrop that is being created.
    Another series of pictures taking a look at the El Capitoon.
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    Back to the hill work.
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    Here crews are applying a texture coat to the surface.
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    A better view showing where the work is going on.
    Toontown had some guests but was relatively quiet still.
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    A final look before moving on.
    A window/door was left open.
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    Next stop Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
    As I passed by the Millennium Falcon R2-D2 went rolling by.
    This was my first time seeing him in Black Spire Outpost (he has been spotted frequently by others but I always seem to miss him)
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    He had several cast members around helping to navigate the crowd.
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    No visible progress on the tree house
    No real visible progress on the Fantasmic infrastructure either.
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    The Canoes were in operation as well as Tom Sawyer Island rafts. No big boats in operation today.
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    The Mark Twain had some scaffolding set up as part of its renovation project.
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    The Dapper Dans of Disneyland rolling by performing their 11:15am set.
    We ate lunch in Tomorrowland and has this view of the Disneyland Band performing their 11:50am set.
    After lunch made our way to Town Square for the 12:50pm performance by the Disneyland Band.
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    Then over to the fire house for the 1:10pm Dapper Dan set.
    Here is a video of the Dapper Dans performing their musical tour of the happiest place on earth.
    1:30pm - Mickey and Friends Cavalcade stepping off in Town Square. The procession recently added several dancers.
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    Video: Mickey and Friends Cavalcade
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    The procession included 21 characters.
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    Visited the Enchanted Tiki Room and had great timing the doors were just about to close when we walked up.
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    The Jungle Cruise was showing a 40 min wait on the sign and in the app but it looked substantially less. So we got in line at 2:16pm
    Upstairs the Jungle Cruise was only using a small portion of the queue space. This area was all overflow for Indiana Jones.
    A boat pulled in with a couple skippers in training on board.
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    2:23pm - We were on our way and looking back at the dock. About a 7 minute wait time only.
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    Captain Jack Sparrow was interacting with the crowd.
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    Jambalaya Jazz performing in New Orleans Square.
    New plantings underway out on Tom Sawyer Island.
    Rigging underway on the Columbia. There were a handful of cast members working this afternoon.
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    3:27pm - A posted 30 minute wait for Smuggler's Run so we decided to see if our queue luck would continue.
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    While walking the queue spotted R2 again.
    4:02pm - In the briefing room. So about 35 minute wait.
    4:08pm - About to be seated in the cockpit.
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    4:20pm finished and walking through Black Spire Outpost when we noticed a 45 min wait posted for Rise of the Resistance.
    4:23pm - Still says 4t minutes so we entered the queue.
    5:05pm - After about 30 minutes the attraction went down and we gave ourselves 15 minutes to see if there were signs it was going to reopen, nothing moved so we decided to call it quits and exit.
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    Several trees and flowers are in bloom throughout the park. Here is a look at Black Spire Outpost.
    A look around the hub.
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    Signs at the park entrance with the current mask rules. Vaccinated guests had no restrictions except for transportation and medical settings.
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    5:44pm - Making my way across the Esplanade to Disney California Adventure.
    Carthay Circle this evening.
    Renovation walls on both sides of Hollywood Blvd. Will check those out in a bit.
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    Marketplaces are installed for the Food & Wine Festival that starts March 4th.
    Magic Key Holder Celebration Month is quickly coming to a close. I stopped by to pick up the 2nd poster and sunglasses.
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    The Magic Key Holder poster and sun glasses
    More marketplaces.
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    No menus up, just coming soon signs.
    The merchandise kiosk has remained.
    A few Lunar New Year offerings inside still.
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    A logo on the sound booth for the Food & Wine Festival.
  • Page Number: 56
    Paradise Bay this evening. The projector housings for World of Color have returned and look the same as the original ones.
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    They are still installing finishing pieces around them and some panels were open for teams to work inside.
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    A few more Paradise Bay pictures before moving on.
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  • Page Number: 60
    Raya was still meeting guests in Redwood Creek.
    Horace Horsecollar was dancing along to Five and Dime
    Speaking of Five and Dime here they are.
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    The first section of pavement in front of Gone Hollywood is blocked off. The store is still open.
    Across the street a section in front of the Disney Theater was walled off too.
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    Walked through Avengers Campus. 115 min for WEB Slingers at 6:28pm.
    Loki on the Avengers Headquarters
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    Hopefully my final walk back to the Mickey and Friends parking structure on the tram route. Trams are scheduled to return on Wednesday the 23rd.
    Hard to tell in the dark but all the renovation work looks complete and the tram stop looks ready to go.
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    To close with a look at the Mickey and Friends tram stop.
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