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    Arriving at the Disneyland Resort. Some work going on at the Mickey and Friends tram stop.
    Halloween Time has arrived from now through November 1st. Here are the Mickey and Friends tram stop billboards.
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    The same characters/decorations are along the tramway as recent years.
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    The word of the day
    The text to number has changed.. the original contest has ended and this is a new one.
  • Page Number: 5
    Halloween Time ads on the Ticket Booths
    The walls are down and the new trees are visible near the west ticket booths.
    Walls are now up on the east side, but not around the trees.
  • Page Number: 6
    The Entrance to DCA.. I am heading to Disneyland first though.
    The large character pumpkins have returned over the park entrance/exits.
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  • Page Number: 8
    The floral Mickey has been switched for the season.
    A lot of the blue for the Diamond Celebration is gone and Halloween orange has replaced it.
  • Page Number: 9
    Space Mountain replaced the Tomorrowland preview a few weeks ago. Which now needs to be replaced with Ghost Galaxy.
  • Page Number: 10
    Stepping onto Main Street USA this afternoon. Lights are up for the Halloween party. The flags are at half staff for Patriot Day (9/11).
    Goofy in his Halloween costume.
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    Main Street was alive with transportation options as usual this afternoon.
  • Page Number: 12
    Mickey was also out greeting guests in his Halloween Costume this afternoon (by evening they were back to their 60th outfits).
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    A look around Town Square.
  • Page Number: 14
    Signage for the nightly Flag Retreat which will honor Patriot Day today.
    Halloween meets Diamond Days on Main Street USA
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  • Page Number: 20
    It is well past 11:30 and someone forgot to post the lunch menu for Carnation Cafe
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    Stopped to listen to the Dapper Dans of Disneyland perform a Halloween set.
    Some video clips of the Dapper Dans performing Halloween inspired songs.
  • Page Number: 22
    A look back toward Town Square
    The Market House has Pumpkin Spice drinks.
  • Page Number: 23
    The waits just before 2pm
  • Page Number: 24
    Looks to be repainting going on as you enter Adventureland.
    No visible progress on the walkway between Fantasy Faire and Frontierland. Did overhear someone trying to explain they have started the entrance to Star Wars Land there... thought that was fun!
    The pumpkins have returned to the hub as usual.
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  • Page Number: 26
    Sleeping Beauty Castle this afternoon
    The Disneyland Band exiting Frontierland.
  • Page Number: 27
    Pioneer Mercantile has some fall/Halloween props out.
  • Page Number: 28
    The Halloween Tree has returned
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  • Page Number: 30
    Zocalo Park is celebrating Dia De Los Muertos
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    Some work going on in the dining area.
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  • Page Number: 36
    Halloween cotton candy is available throughout the park.
    The Mark Twain in port preparing to cast off.
  • Page Number: 37
    Walking along the Rivers of America
    Jack & Sally were out greeting guests.
    A child playing with a jack doll.. looked like it was being controlled by cell phone.
  • Page Number: 38
    FastPass was available for the Haunted Mansion Holiday
    I picked one up.
    Jack and Sally walking through New Orleans Sqaure.
  • Page Number: 39
    Halloween popcorn buckets in New Orleans Square
    Oogie has returned to the cart.
    The Zero buckets are back this year.
  • Page Number: 40
    Jack and Sally again... seems everywhere I turned they were there.
    A posted 30 minute wait. Turned out to be just over 20 but thanks to the 95 degree weather it felt much longer.
    Today was the first day for Haunted Mansion Holiday.
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  • Page Number: 42
    Nothing on the hill this year. It looks like they are working on it. New plants and sprinkler work?
  • Page Number: 43
    It has been a long time since I waited in line during the day.. easy to forget there is NO shade.
    Looks like new trees
  • Page Number: 44
    Some waiting to go in at the top? Or just hiding something?
  • Page Number: 45
    Some random pictures from my first visit of the season to the Haunted Mansion Holiday.
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  • Page Number: 48
    Some on ride photos. The endless hallway.
  • Page Number: 49
    The gingerbread house this year is a house of cards
  • Page Number: 50
    I missed the Monkey bride this first trip through.. it is in a cage to the right before you leave the attic.
    The Hatbox Ghost is there and a few holiday props around him.
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    Notice the hat... hidden Mickeys
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  • Page Number: 54
    Here is a full video of my second ride through later in the evening. I am putting it here if you want to see video right after the pics.
    The photo op is still up. No wait this afternoon.
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    Signs to direct guests to the FastPass distribution around the extended queue for the Mansion.
    Crossed paths with the Bootstrappers in New Orleans Square.
    A couple video clips of the Bootstrappers in action.
  • Page Number: 56
    Le Bat en Rouge has reopened.
    A quick look around.
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  • Page Number: 58
    Moving on further info New Orleans Square. Some Halloween merchandise
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  • Page Number: 60
    Big Thunder was not crowded when I walked by.
  • Page Number: 61
    Walls up across from Big Thunder. Assuming it is Halloween party storage like years past.
    The Big Thunder Ranch has the Halloween Round-up starting today.
  • Page Number: 62
    This will be the last Halloween for the ranch.
  • Page Number: 63
    The Scare-Dy-Crow Shack is back.
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    The Jamboree is not in use this year. So no carnival, pumpkin carving or characters.
  • Page Number: 68
    The BBQ area has switched to the Halloween Time event too.
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  • Page Number: 73
    I continued up the trail to Fantasyland.
  • Page Number: 74
    The Pearly Band was out performing.
    Even in the heat Peter Pan had a wait pushing 40 minutes (some kid changed the sign to 20 though).
    Over at the Mad Tea Party there were plenty of empty tea cups. You could walk right on.
  • Page Number: 75
    Small World had a 5 minute wait or so.
    Roger was posted at 20.
    Poison Apple Mugs are available in several locations around the parks.
  • Page Number: 76
    Halloween popcorn buckets
    Tomorrowland Terrace has a burger combo for the holiday.
  • Page Number: 77
    Not much visible progress on Innoventions. The banners are gone and some more paint but no signage or indications of what will be inside (it has been announced it will be a Star Wars Launch Bay and upstairs will be Marvel)
  • Page Number: 78
    A space woman turning popcorn in Tomorrowland.
    Ghost Galaxy has returned.
    No real attempt to hide the speakers this year.
  • Page Number: 79
    Wait times as I walked by.
    A closer look at Innoventions
    Star Traders has a lot of Star Wars merchandise.
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  • Page Number: 81
    Tomorrowland was relatively peaceful to walk through. Buzz was only 5 minutes. Star Tours was posted at 20 but you could walk right in the door.
    The corn dog wagon was closed when I walked by (later in the day it was open. Wonder if the heat had something to do with it?)
  • Page Number: 82
    The Disneyland Band on Main Street USA
    A check of the waits at 4:23pm
  • Page Number: 83
    Had some time so visited Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Page Number: 84
    Sleeping Beauty Castle
    Soundsational going on as I started to make my way toward Town Square.
    Stopped by the Jolly Holiday Bakery
  • Page Number: 85
    Halloween apples
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  • Page Number: 87
    Passing through the emporium.
  • Page Number: 88
    Waiting for the flag retreat...
  • Page Number: 89
    Before the Ceremony Ernie gave a challenge coin to a veteran. Here he is showing the coin.
    A closer view
    The other side of the coin
  • Page Number: 90
    Disneyland security and first responder cast members were part of the procession for the flag retreat today to mark Patriot Day.
    The honor guard arriving.
  • Page Number: 91
    Cast members and guests watching the Flag Retreat
    The group that marched in was positioned on the steps of the train station.
  • Page Number: 92
    The Disneyland Band and Dapper Dans were part of the ceremony too.
    The flags were at half staff to commemorate 9/11
  • Page Number: 93
    A video of the flags being lowered.
    During the ceremony the Disneyland Railroad was shut down.
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  • Page Number: 95
    Wait times around 5:35pm
  • Page Number: 96
    I headed out to the Haunted Mansion to use my FastPass.
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  • Page Number: 99
    Testing the fountains for Fantasmic
    A large queue for Mickey and Minnie
  • Page Number: 100
    No Halloween Costumes this evening back to 60th costumes.
  • Page Number: 101
    The Haunted Mansion Caretaker figure that was at the D23 Expo is now in the safe.
    Making my way over to DCA.
  • Page Number: 102
    The walls between the ticket booths on the east side of the Esplanade.
    Interesting clouds over Buena Vista Street this evening.
  • Page Number: 103
    Halloween treats at Trolley Treats
    Carthay Circle
  • Page Number: 104
    Still the same summer edition of the Buena Vista Bugle
    DCA waits at 6:23pm
    Entering Cars Land. Sarges Flag is at Half Staff too.
  • Page Number: 105
    Only a 60 min wait for the Racers this evening.
    Ornament Valley
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  • Page Number: 107
    Paradise Pier preparing for World of Color. It scheduled for 9:45pm tonight, only one show.
    Work still going on around the Boardwalk.
    The line for the Cove Bar stretched around the Gazebo.
  • Page Number: 108
    Boardwalk replacement is still going on.
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  • Page Number: 110
    Same Halloween popcorn buckets here.
  • Page Number: 111
    Barriers up at the Toy Story Meet and Greet still/again.
  • Page Number: 112
    Paid a visit to Ariel and A/C... there was no wait at all. I was able to just keep walking right into a clam shell.
    Some Halloween chocolate at Ghiradelli
    Still giving out caramel minis
  • Page Number: 113
    Some neon problems at Flos tonight.
    DJ and his dance party
    No visible progress at Luigis.. too bad no signage or concepts of what is coming.
  • Page Number: 114
    40 minute wait for Tower of Terror.
  • Page Number: 115
    Stopped by the Mad T Party
  • Page Number: 116
    It was the Diamond Mad T Party.. no Halloween this year or at least not yet).
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  • Page Number: 119
  • Page Number: 120
    The Animation Academy sign has come a long way from the chalk board.
    Star Wars in Elias and Company.
  • Page Number: 121
    The car from Oswalds is gone.
    Back to Disneyland.
  • Page Number: 122
    Found a spot for Paint the Night
  • Page Number: 123
    A group making their way up Main Street with a camera crew.
    It was Michael Colglazier with someone.
  • Page Number: 124
    Paint the Night time
  • Page Number: 125
    Mack appeared to be having problems. The audio seemed off and no light pattern on the trailer.
  • Page Number: 126
    After the parade moved out to the street for Disneyland Forever and of course two girls with balloons were about a dozen people in front and they did not lower them!
  • Page Number: 127
    So I took that as a sign to watch the show and not not take a lot of pictures.
  • Page Number: 128
    The Halloween guide maps and times guides. Note nothing on the times guide about Halloween Time.
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