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    While walking to the parks saw the mule pushing a service platform along the beamway.
    Downtown Disney is hosting a chalk art festival this weekend. I had intended to visit later and got sidetracked. So not many pictures.. but here is a sample.
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    Work on the DD Starbucks is moving along.
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    First stop today, DCA.
    Hung out in the Fly n Buy while waiting for the rest of my group
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    Went for a spin on Toy Story which I had not been on in quite a while. Did ok, I was gold.
    They were raising the center section of the fountains while we went around.
    Ornament valley, a little hazy this morning.
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    It looked like the Racers were down, no signs of Cars. Also Screamin went down while we were on the Wheel.
    It was a very windy morning and hazy.
    Some scaffolding up backstage at Disneyland.
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    They were parking cars in the far lot, I still do not understand why those who show up early get stuck out there vs the garage. Parking here you have to walk to the parks through Downtown Disney.
    Not a good picture at all.. but they have installed a backdrop for a meet and greet in the Maliboomer Park area.
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    From ground level.
    Stopped by the Little Mermaid.
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    The Wharf facade work looks to be complete.
    The Blue Sky Cellar is closed now. The Fantasy Faire banners are gone.
    Several weeks ago the Carthay Circle Restaurant started a new tour. This tour happens daily at 10:30am and is free. I was finally in the park in the morning and made a point to give it a try today.
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    You do not need to sign up, just hang around the sign around 10:30 and a cast member will greet you and start the tour.
    Our host for the tour. Our group as about 10 guests. We started in the lobby and a history of the Carthay and some of the pictures on the wall.
    I am going to skip the details.. since I was taking pictures and not notes or video.. We then went into the main lounge.
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    Great to look around with no one there.
    The carpet.
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    A light
    This painting is a replica of the curtain the original Carthay had.
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    We took the elevator upstairs (too many people to get a good picture).
    Made a quick peek into the Mens Salon where the light was pointed out.. same fixture that you will see at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
    Back to the hallway that leads to the dining rooms.
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    Entering the main dining room. I shot with the wide angle lens so no good pictures of the mural overhead.. this is probably the best.
    A look around the main dining room.
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    Look closely at the table.. notice anything?
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    Does this angle help? Can you make out what the wood has in it... a hidden Evil Queen from Snow White
    Looking up.
    The Kitchen.
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    The room within the tower.. looking up.
    The table. You can reserve this room for your party.. there is a min. fee associated with it.
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    The table has a fun hidden tribute.. the base is inspired by Snow Whites wishing well. (Yes I had to go down on the floor for the picture.. you know you would have too).
    On the wall a very early picture of Walt and Mickey and one of the last.
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    One last look at the main dining room on the way out.
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    Some pumpkin carving creations at a Halloween reception
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    A carver at work.
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    Next up Radiator Springs Racers.
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    Walked through Elias & Co.. they now have signs up between the rooms telling you what merchandise is in it.
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    Also signs for Big Top Toys.
    Next stop Disneyland.. Main Street USA
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    Spent a few minutes checking out the newly opened Market House. It now features Starbucks coffee. The main room is mostly a queue with a large counter in the back.
    Some of the old props remain, such as the party line phones.
    The old Disneyana store is now the Book Rest, and it contains a handful of tables.
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    The old stove found a place in the new store too.
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    There is no door to the Book Rest.. but the windows give a nice view of Main Street.
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    A check of the menu.
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    A look at some of the bakery options
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    When a register was open they would hold up this paddle.
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    Another look at the queue.
    Another pass by the stove.
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    Facade work on Main Street and due to the high winds the tarps are down so you can see the work.
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    The waits around 12:40.
    The Halloween Popcorn bucket selection this year.
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    A closer look at Mickey.
    Looking back down Main Street USA.
    Sleeping Beauty Castle.
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    Still working on the rooftops in Fantasyland.
    The grotto work is complete.
    Walked through Fantasy Faire.
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    People waiting 30 minutes to visit no one? Guess someone forgot to update the sign for today.
    The walls are down on the walkway, but barriers still up. Looks like the wall was redone.
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    The Tangled cast heading backstage.
    Walking through Frontierland.
    Thought this was odd, Pirates League was not open this afternoon.
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    A look at some of the pumpkin creations at the Halloween Carnival
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    Donald playing follow the leader with a group of kids.
    Billy Hill and the Haunted Hillbillies
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    Some guests decided to use the more comfortable Pirates League chairs to enjoy the carnival.
    In Fantasyland the Carrousel work continues, but the tarps down due to the wind.
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    Some of the rooftop/fall protection work is complete in Fantasyland.
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    Took in a showing Mickey and the Magical Map.
    The waits around 3:30.
    The Dole Whip line was long, it should be on the line board :)
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    The work is done here. The old large tree was removed and another in its place.
    The tree house was closed.
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    The Court of Angels is still open though.
    But the L Ornement Magique store is closed.
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    Next up a trip on the Haunted Mansion
    Continuing the celebration of its 13th season.. each scene now has something to do with 13..
    for example 13 dog bones.
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    13 Candles
    The 13 doors on the advent calendar. each week they are opening one. So far 3 are open.
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    In the graveyard 13 snowflakes scattered around.
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    For the final the question mark has been replaced with a 13.
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    Cut through the shops.. some Halloween Treats.
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    Time for the Flag Retreat.
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    More fall protection work?
    Captain EO is still running.
    Walls up in Tomorrowland, think its hiding Halloween Party props.
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    Plenty of temporary barriers up on the roofs of Tomorrowland for now.
    Thor is moving into Innoventions.
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    Iron Man is still around.. plugging the home video release now.
    Went for a cruise on Pirates.
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    Stopped by the Royal Swing Big Band Ball for a set.
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    Tonight Swingtown was performing.
    Sleeping Beauty Castle
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    The other end of the spectrum from the Big Band Ball.. the Mad T Party.
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    Watched World of Color, interesting note.. only one show at 9:45pm this evening instead of the normal 9:00pm and 10:15pm routine.
    Some chalk art on the way out.
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