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    Why is it whichever park I plan to visit first has a line to enter... Disneyland is where I am heading..
    Across the way no wait at DCA right now.
    Still passing out free Monsters University buttons as you enter.
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    Main Street is alive with activity as always in the afternoon.
    The crowd was not too bad.
    A wall up around one of the windows on the Market house as the Starbucks conversion rolls along.
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    Some climbers on the Matterhorn this afternoon, no sign of Happy Hans yet.
    The wait times just after 2pm
    Mary Poppins and Bert with the Pearly band.
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    The picture frame is still making the rounds.. this week out with two photopass cast members.
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    The Jolly Trolley has been removed from Toontown, hopefully for some touch up work and not forever.
    Minnie had a half hour wait this afternoon.
    The hills behind Minnies house could use some work.
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    Temps were in the 80s and it was humid for Southern California.. so had to remember to drink plenty of water.
    One of the longer posted waits of the afternoon. Maybe because of the long air conditioned queue?
    Saw a couple of these signs scattered around and a lot of groups of kids that looked like dancers. No initial indication of what it was, but I found out later on...
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    Waiting for Happy Hans and his son to start their set. Once they did I learned quickly the audio is not played out where i was.. I had to move near the Alice in Wonderland attraction and restrooms.
    Happy Hans and his son Erik were performing this week as part of the Limited Time Magic Promotion. Here is the first of a handful of video clips.
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    Polka Time!
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    Time for some yodeling..
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    The finale featured Its a Small World.
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    A better perspective on where they are.
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    There were climbers out on the other side of the Matterhorn.
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    Moving over to Frontierland a check in on Rainbow Ridge.
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    The climbers from here.
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    Only a 13 min wait for the Haunted Mansion this afternoon.
    A little longer than last week but still not bad.
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    What is this... looks like it may be a shoe?
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    The climbers were still out.
    The waits around 3:45pm
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    Can you spot Happy Hans and his son?
    A closer view.
    Thought I would walk around and see if there were any better views of them. From near Snow Whites entrance it was not that good.
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    Moving on toward Casey Jr
    You could get an ok shot with a long lens.
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  • Page Number: 22
    No audio over here though..
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    One last picture over the roof tops of Fantasyland before heading to DCA.
    The Red Car was not stopping at the front of the park.
    The sign makes it obvious its TODAY.. larger font and all caps..
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    The News Boys performing in Carthay Circle
    The waits around 4:10pm
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    More yellow squares to lead you to Dancin with Disney.
    Inside still a light crowd.. so if you are looking for air conditioning, character interaction, and a place to let the kids run keep this in mind from 1-5pm daily.
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    Tower was a walk on this afternoon.
    Empty cartons on Fliks Flyers
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    Lightening making his way out to the Cozy Cone.
    Speaking of the Cozy Cone the fountain has returned to operation after what seems like several months of work.
    A video clip of it in action.
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    A couple random Ornament Valley pictures.
    The line was posted at 90 minutes for the Racers and the extended queue was not set up even.
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    Wow able to see the pavement on Cross Street.
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    The fountains were up for the Instant Concert. The Pier seemed quiet this afternoon.
    The truck/jeep that was parked out near GRR is now gone. Wonder if it is gone for good or just work? Seems like it should be gone for good given how they have modified the props.
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    Minnies Fly Girls Charter Airlines
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    In the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street they now have some grab and go items in the coolers.
    A salad.
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    A roast beef sandwich for $9.29
    And a turkey sandwich for $9.29
    The Lone Ranger Train has moved on.
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    Stopped by Disneyana.. a look in the vault.
    Some random art work as I walked through.
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    Had a request for a better picture of the firefighter Mickey print last week.
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    Walked through the Disney Gallery
    The 4th of July photo op is long gone.
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    The College Band performing at the Flag Retreat which was at 5pm instead of 6pm today.
    Stopped by the Round-up next. They moved the Rodeo Games signage to be near the food stand. Seems odd since the games stayed where they were to the left in this picture.
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    The Billies were performing on the main stage
    Noticed a bar to open the gate now. This may have been there forever but it jumped out to me today.
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    The Toy Story gang joins the Billies
    Cowboy Mickey coming out to take pictures and join in the festivities.
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    He danced with this princess for a while since there was no real crowd around him.
    Another Dance the Magic meet location.
    Still alot of Mountain to repaint.
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    Looks to be more scaffolding up on some of the lower parts.
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    The Dance the Magic group was doing a pre-parade performance before the 6:30pm Soundsational parade.
    I was in Town Square then noticed the group kept on going...
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    A series of video clips of the Dance the Magic! performance.
    So I relocated to the hub for a better picture. I managed to beat the front of the group down the street.
    They just kept on coming.. notice the bright green group in the back.
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    The dancers ranged from age 7 and up.
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    That green group is now at the end of the street and they still filled the rest of the street.
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    You can finally see the end (the rope in the background).
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    Following the dancers a parade of parents and supporters with cameras.
    Disney had several cameras along the route too, here is one on a pole.
    I pushed my way to Small World to see if there were any interesting shots out there but they were moving too fast and it was too crowded to get anything too interesting.
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    Sleeping Beauty Castle this afternoon.
    A family of ducks out for a stroll.
    These three got separated due to the crowd and it took them a while to get across the walkway to join the others.
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    Soundsational making its way up Main Street.
    The wait times around 6:50pm
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    The parade aftermath.
    Time for the 7:15pm All American College Band set.
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    A couple pictures from the Michael Jackson medley
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    Their finale is an Earth, Wind, and Fire medley. Here is a video from Friday.
    Heading back to DCA.
    Well guess all caps TODAY does not mean all day today.. the Red Car was stopping at the front of the park now.
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    Several other sites/blogs really like this mannequin in the Five and Dime window.. so thought I would include a picture... I have to agree he does not look happy and is kind of creepy.
    A look around the Five and Dime at the current props around the store.
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    Lone Ranger items in Big Top Toys.
    Ornament Valley this evening.
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    Notice the design element on the right is white.. guess they are working on it.
    Thought the shadow here looked interesting.
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    Lone Ranger is still on the signage in Hollywood Land.
    The Hottest Deck in Town performing.
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    I missed the name of the aerialists again.. but here are a couple pictures.
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    A couple pictures of Magical from Carthay Circle.
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    I could not get the flash to bounce the way I wanted.. but thought I would throw a washed out one into the update.
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    Hope you enjoyed this trip to the Disneyland Resort with me.
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