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    From the garage spotted a work lift/elevator on the side of the Paradise Pier Hotel. Could not see what was being worked on and did not make it over there today.
    The parking lots were fairly empty with no one out side really and I was on the 4th floor which was probably only 1/3 full.
    A random balloon in the distance.
  • Page Number: 2
    They are removing the east set of murals (the left side as you enter the park)
    The portion out from the gates is already gone.
    There are temporary signs up since the original ones will be removed with the mural.
  • Page Number: 3
    More clearing in the Sunshine Plaza
  • Page Number: 4
    Surprised to see the reflectors still standing.
    Notice anything different here?
    The palm trees are gone and their holes filled in. Best guess is this is to help with traffic flow.
  • Page Number: 5
    The rock work is moving along.
    Here is a good sense of scale, notice all the workers on the newly sprayed/poured area.
  • Page Number: 6
    The majority of the steel for the range looks to be done now.
  • Page Number: 7
    The area closest to the Wharf
    The Little Mermaid building is slowly moving along.
  • Page Number: 8
    More details and colors are emerging on the side facing the Bay Area
    The center platform was at show level.
  • Page Number: 9
    Screamin was down when I walked by.
    Someones toy ended up in the Bay.
  • Page Number: 10
    CMs were dressed with the their winter coats (and so was I)
    A spin on the Fun Wheel now. They were covering parts of the Mermaid building because of the expected rain later today.
  • Page Number: 11
    A look over at the dining area work.
    Quite a few trucks onsite today.
  • Page Number: 12
    Back to Cars Land.
    The old farm area looks fairly level and ready to start construction.
  • Page Number: 13
    Looks like they have painted the walkway arch.
    Looks like more concrete is being poured near Flos
    Not much visible progress here.
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  • Page Number: 17
    Not much visible progress on the Maliboomer removal recently.
  • Page Number: 18
    An overview of the dining area
    The Mermaid site
    Cars Land
  • Page Number: 19
    A closer look at the new concrete work
    Work on one of the foundations for the cones
    Spotted the old truck backstage. Hopefully it finds a new home onstage once the work is done.
  • Page Number: 20
    The racer track looks about the same from this distance. You can see how the rock work will be right up to the track now though.
    From the swings area.
  • Page Number: 21
    From the Zephyr
  • Page Number: 22
  • Page Number: 23
    No visible progress on the Red Car track work. I would think these walls will be down for the Holiday weekend.
  • Page Number: 24
    Mickey out for photos.
    The wait times around 2:30pm
  • Page Number: 25
    A look into New Orleans. I kind of miss all the lights that hung over the street.
    Waiting for the train.
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  • Page Number: 27
    Next up Small World Holiday
  • Page Number: 28
    Nothing new/drastically changed jumped out to me. Here are some random shots from the trip through.
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  • Page Number: 30
    I went on as the parade was ending and as you see it was not busy, a couple of empty boats in front of me.
  • Page Number: 31
    The sign is not back yet.
    No visible changes in Toontown.
    They did put down new fertilizer and it smelled pretty bad.
  • Page Number: 32
    Working on the Trolley station
    The Jambalaya Jazz
  • Page Number: 33
    Next up the Billys... and their Christmas Spectacular show.
  • Page Number: 34
    A clip of the Billys performing Jingle Bell Rock (apologize for the bad video.. am still trying to figure out the 7D and so far looks like I need a tripod)
    A clip of the finale (apologize for the bad video.. am still trying to figure out the 7D and so far looks like I need a tripod)
  • Page Number: 35
    Friday was radio day and there were quite a few stations broadcasting from the hub.
    Buzz has re-opened. The entrance area has had the floor replaced with carpet. Wonder if this is permanent or temporary.
  • Page Number: 36
    This years Yamaha concert series is underway. Friday Mindi Abair was performing.
  • Page Number: 37
    A video clip of the performance
    One more clip.
  • Page Number: 38
    Headed back down Main Street for the Flag Retreat
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  • Page Number: 40
  • Page Number: 41
  • Page Number: 42
    A couple random shots of the Castle.
  • Page Number: 43
    Caught the Christmas Fantasy Parade from the Train Station.
  • Page Number: 44
  • Page Number: 45
    Almost got the shot, except Santa would not look up and I got that weird glow from the light I had to shoot over.. maybe next time.
    Speaking of missing a shot the sea gulls would not look at me either..
  • Page Number: 46
    Next up a night time ride on Small World Holiday
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  • Page Number: 48
  • Page Number: 49
  • Page Number: 50
    Next stop Haunted Mansion Holiday.
    The pumpkins in front of the gingerbread house now have projections on them and they sing/move just like the ones in the graveyard.
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  • Page Number: 52
    Outside in NOS.
  • Page Number: 53
    Waiting for Believe on Main Street...
  • Page Number: 54
    A couple random shots..
  • Page Number: 55
    A video clip of the finale and the start of the snow fall.
    A look at the gift shop on the way out.
  • Page Number: 56
    On the time guide noticed something new.. Laser Man made the listing! Great to see!
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