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Visit Date: 5/24/24
Steps: 21,170
Parks Miles: 9.69
Time in Parks: 9.5


Trip Log:

Arrived at the Disneyland Resort just afternoon and was directed into a spot on the roof of the Mickey and Friends parking structure relatively close to the escalators today. No wait at security or the tram. Arrived in Town Square as the Disneyland Band and characters were marching into the area so stopped to watch them perform then strolled up Main Street USA and into Tomorrowland. Picked up a seek and find map and card then crossed the hub to Frontierland. Just missed the Columbia boarding so walked along the Rivers of America and out to Critter Country to check on the Bayou construction. Then passed back through New Orleans Square to Frontierland to catch the Columbia when it came into port. While waiting to depart listened to the Disneyland Band performing in front of the Golden Horseshoe. After my cruise around the Rivers of America returned to New Orleans Square then spent some time in Adventureland before crossing the Esplanade to Disney California Adventure. Strolled along Buena Vista Street and took the Performance Corridor to Cars Land. Grabbed a bite to eat at Flo's then stopped by Luigi's to get a picture of the Pizza Planet truck before making my way to Avengers Campus. Used single rider for WEB Slingers then walked through Hollywood Land and crossed through Carthay Circle to Grizzly Recreation Area. Went under the sea with Ariel and her friends (it was a near walk on). Took a lap around Pixar Pier then continued on down the Performance Corridor to Buena Vista Street and crossed back to Disneyland. Found a spot for the 4:15 Memorial Day Flag Retreat. After the ceremony took a look into Adventureland at the waits then hiked out to it's a small world and went for a cruise (it was a walkon). Took a brief look into the Pixar Pals Playtime Party then stopped by Toontown. Visited Mickey's House to find the Pizza Planet truck there then walked back through Fantasyland to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to do the same there. Reversed course and returned to Toontown and waited about 20 minutes for Runaway Railway. Rise of the Resistance had a low wait time so headed that way. Of course as we walked it rose and by the time we got there it was longer than our patience. Took a look around Black Spire Outpost then walked through Critter Country and New Orleans Square to Adventureland. Stopped by the Adventureland Treehouse then headed for Tomorrowland. Picked up a trading card then decided the Fantasmic viewing options were rapidly disappearing so went and found a spot. Waited 90 minutes for a so-so view. After Fantasmic joined the mass exiting the park. Opted to walk down Main Street to see some of the Pixar projections vs using the By Pass. Boarded a tram and arrived at the parking structure just as the finale was going off for the fireworks. Found my car and headed for home. (Walking time 3:18 today)

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Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello Everyone!

Friday was a relaxing day at the parks for me.  I had a small agenda, basically to look for some Pizza Planet trucks and see Fantasmic!   The crowds were on the moderate side for most of the afternoon, so I was able to visit a few attractions with minimal waits and had options for others.  The Rivers of America area filled up quickly as afternoon turned to evening with guests taking stand by seats several hours to be there for the return of Fantasmic!  Attraction waits times did go up a bit as you would expect for a Friday evening.  The weather was cool topping out around 70 but dropping to the low 60s quickly once the sun set.  The sun did come out midafternoon which felt great!

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Started my day with mixed parking luck. No wait at the tollbooth but a backup the entire ramp as they were funneling into a single lane at the top.   Was directed onto the roof which I am not a fan of but in the first aisle in the front third so a short walk to the escalator.   There was no wait at security nor for a tram so that was a good way to start the day.
  • As I arrived in Town Square, I could hear the Disneyland Band coming so I hung around and watched them perform with the characters. No Dapper Dans this afternoon. Also, they changed up the song and did You've Got a Friend in Me to celebrate Pixar Fest. 
  • I was able to find another eleven Alien Pizza Planet trucks today.  I visited a few attractions and walked a few queues to do it.  I am enjoying the quest and some of the trucks are really integrated well into the area. For example, the one in the Droid Depot fits perfectly.  The one on the Sailing Ship Columbia looks fun but is a tad out of place where it is. 

  • While walking through New Orleans Square spotted a table set up outside of Cafe Orleans.  They had a special table set up for Memorial Day to honor the Fallen Soldier.  I thought it was well done and great way to mark the holiday.

  • The Big Al statue in Grizzly Recreation Area seems very odd to me.  I like the tribute and he does fit the overall theme, but it just seems out of place with no context. 

  • Disneyland hosted a special Flag Retreat ceremony in Town Square for Memorial Day today.  There were over 100 active-duty US Marines and US Navy Sailors visiting the park and they joined the Disneyland Band and Dapper Dans for the ceremony today.  I always appreciate these special events.  I wish they would list them in the times guide/app so people would know.  There are signs up in Town Square but that was it.

  • In Black Spire Outpost a new droid has arrived near the Millennium Falcon.  His name is Bard, and he is a modified R1 droid.  He is the narrator/storyteller for the Fire of the Rising Moons (the fireworks).  I stopped by during the day and saw him. He moves around a little during the day but not much else.  I was not able to fit going to see him for the show.  I think this is a great little plus for the area and the show. 

  • I visited more attractions than normal today due to my Pizza Planet truck quest.  Timing worked out and I was able to walk onto a few, like the Little Mermaid and it's a small world. For small world we boarded ahead of guests returning since they had to stop and scan, and we did not.   Runaway Railway was posted at 25 and I hoped it was off and less, it was slightly less but not a great time savings.   Used single rider for W.E.B. Slingers which was a 5-minute wait only.   Also went for a cruise on the Columbia and visited the Adventureland Treehouse.  

  • I walked through Adventureland around 7pm and most of the standby viewing was nearly full.   My goal was to wait about an hour for Fantasmic but due to this sight I altered it and came back about 90 minutes before show time and found an ok spot.  The standby viewing was limited as usual with most of the lower terrace blocked off for dining packages and a number of other sections roped off as reserved for various reasons.

  • I was disappointed with Fantasmic! this evening.   I was not a fan of Fantasmic 2.0 that premiered a half dozen years ago and this is basically that show with a few more cuts and the return of the Peter Pan sequence.   I thought seeing Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the Columbia again was a highlight and great to see them back.  But Tick-Tock being cut to just a project was rather disappointing.   Also, the Aladdin sequence has removed the Flying Carpet and instead they just dance around the stage.  This seemed awkward and not a great.   The biggest missed opportunity was the final battle with Maleficent.  We all knew the dragon was not coming back but the hope was Disney would add something for a big finale.  In the end there were a few new fire effects, but it was basically what you would have seen in the past if the dragon was not working.  So being down for a year yielded no major improvements to the show.  It was great to see the show again, but I left wanting more and feeling they missed an opportunity and did the bare minimum to get the show back.

  • After Fantasmic I joined the mass of guests leaving the park.  This was slow going as usual as I shuffled along.   I had stuck around for the finale so there was no way of making it to Main Street for a good view of the fireworks.  I opted to walk down the sidewalk vs taking the bypass to see if there were any spots. There was some space, and I could have pushed my way in and found a view but instead opted to just keep walking.  Together Forever is not a favorite show of mine and I wanted to get going vs deal with more crowds.

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