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Visit Date: 7/03/15
Steps: 21,642
Parks Miles: 8.1
Time in Parks: 15


Trip Log:

Arrived in Anahiem earlier than expected due to very light holiday traffic. Grabbed some breakfast then headed for the Mickey and Friends Garage to park around 7am. Was directed to the Pinocchio lot and then boarded a waiting tram to the parks. Once there queued up to enter Disneyland. About 7:45am they let us onto Main Street and all the way up into the hub. At 8am the crowd was unleashed onto the park and a large mob of guests started running, walking quickly, etc.. toward Fantasyland. We were about two or three people back on the West side of the hub and walked at a normal pace. When we reached the Castle bridge the pace slowed to a shuffle then stopped. We were in the queue for Peter Pan already. It was posted at 70minutes. Took us just under 60 including a 10-15 minute down period. After Peter Pan we returned to the hub and stopped by Tomorrowland. Waited about 5 minutes for Buzz Lightyear then wandered down Main Street USA and over to Disney California Adventure. Stopped by the FastPass distribution for Radiator Springs, it was for a time I could not go. So circled through Grizzly Peak Airfield and picked up Soarin and World of Color. Took a look at Paradise Bay and then ended up going through the Wharf and into Cars Land. The single rider line took 10 minutes from when I walked in until I was exiting the attraction. Walked up Route 66 and then down the parade route. Rain into some friends and we visited for a while then we ended up in the Cafe on Buena Vista Street. Made our way out to Paradise Bay just after 11:00am to find a spot for the 11:30 US Air Force Honor Guard performance. Then we stopped by the Bugs Theater for the Ant-Man preview. Decided it was lunch time and most of the group headed for Flos. I opted for a corn dog so made the hike out to the Corn Dog Castle then back to dine with them. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and then walked through Cars Land and ended up walked through the Grizzly Peak area. Not how but we found ourselves sitting for the Wilderness Explorers Ceremony in the Redwood Creek area. After that we stopped by the Grand Californian to see the Castle Cake then strolled through the Airfield and down Hollywood Blvd. Most of the group stayed in the Backlot to watch the 3:00pm College Band set. I opted to return to Disneyland. Caught a couple songs by the Dapper Dans then the Strawhatters on my way to the Castle. Found a spot for the 3:15pm US Air Force Honor Guard performance. After their routine I walked through Fantasyland and then into Frontierland. Stopped by the Ranch before continuing on into the main part of Frontierland. Walked through Adventureland and back to Main Street. Was in Town Square trying to decide what I wanted to do next and I noticed the Honor Guard assembling and Mickey and Minnie were hanging around. So I went over and took some picture then stuck around for their pre-parade march up Main Street. Returned to DCA and found the rest of my group out by Ghirardelli. We all returned to Disneyland and hung out in Town Square for a while before catching the 5:15pm Flag Retreat. We spent some time in the Disney Gallery then the Emporium windows. After the ceremony I stopped by the Village Haus for a quick dinner. Some of group ventured off for a walk through Adventureland and out to Critter Country and others to find a shady spot to sit in the hub. We met up again for the 6:15 College Band set in front of the Castle then followed the band up Main Street toward Town Square. We hung out in Town Square and waited for the 7:15pm College Band set. After their performance some went and found a bench near City Hall to relax, others dinner at the Plaza Inn and I roamed the parade route for a while then settled into a spot near the Main Street Cinema. Some of the others joined me about 30 minutes before Paint the Night. We were in a good spot for the last College Band stop of their pre-parade performance. Stayed there for Paint the Night then moved out into Main Street for Disneyland Forever to cap off the evening. After the fireworks made my way out to the tram stop, onto a tram and back to Pinocchio lot to find my car and head for home.

Other Interesting Stats:
* Moderate Walking Stats (meaning over 2.5mph): 16,458 steps, 143 minutes.

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Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello everyone,

Decided to kick off the 4th of July Holiday weekend with my 20th trip/day to the Disneyland Resort of the year. I spent a full day at the parks arriving before rope drop and staying until Disneyland Forever. The weather was picture perfect for Southern California. It was overcast and cool, in the high 60s/low 70s when I arrived and the marine layer burned off and it warmed up to just over 80 with a slight sea breeze in the afternoon then cooled back down in the low 70s by the time I left. It is really hard not to enjoy Southern California weather! The crowds at the park were average summer. It was definitely not holiday busy but there were a fair number of guests and some waits did creep up to over an hour but most remained well below that 60 minute mark throughout the day. I spent most of my day enjoying the entertainment and visiting with friends so it was a very relaxing day at the park.

Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Last week a selfie stick ban went into effect at Disney Parks world wide. I was surprised it took Disney so long to react to the growing problem. I am guessing the thought was people would have some restraint and common sense but unfortunately that did not happen and what was initially a ban on attractions only is now a resort wide ban. I think this is a good move. At some point I would really like to see them move toward more restrictive measures like Tokyo Disney has where you are not allowed to hold cameras, kids, balloons, etc.. over you head during performances. It was great to watch parades and shows at the Tokyo parks because of this. If you want your picture taken there are plenty of cast members or or fellow guests that are more than happy to help out (it seems every trip I get asked several times to take pictures for other groups).

  • Disney does its best to make you aware of the ban. At the parking toll booth they asked I was aware of it and offered a brochure in 9 languages that described the ban. This is the same handout they are using at Walt Disney World. After parking your car as you walk to the get on a tram there are signs throughout the area of the ban. As we were boarding they made an announcement and then right before pulling out made one more. As you approach the security tents there are more signs. At bag check the cast members inform you again as they are searching your bags. So if you make it to that point and still have one and claim you did not know you really are not paying any attention to your surroundings or are purposely ignoring it.

  • The ban appears to be working. As I walked the parks and watched the various parades/shows I did not see any.

  • My plan to start the day was to head to Fantasyland and visit the updated Peter Pan attraction. Seems this idea was shared by a majority of the guests waiting for the park to open. As soon as the ropes were dropped people were literally running through the hub to Fantasyland. This really surprised me. I heard on Wednesday this happened, but that was the first day. I walked at a fairly normal pace along with a good size crowd and followed the mass of guests toward Fantasyland. It was not very well organized to funnel everyone into the queue and some guests were taking advantage of this and jumping the line. Eventually we made it into the queue and walked by the 70 minute wait time sign.. then quickly past the 50 minute sign then things slowed down to a regular pace and we shuffled along. It took just under an hour, it could have been 15 minutes or so shorter but they had to cycle and shut down for some reason for a few minutes. The wait seemed to hold strong with a posted 60 minute or so wait every time I walked by or paid attention. Because of this I only experienced it once and tried to soak it in a bit as well as shoot video... which means I did neither that well. At least I did not try to shoot still too.

  • I thought the updates were subtle for the most part and worked well. They were not as impressive or expansive as the ones Alice in Wonderland experienced last year. Alice set the bar and I was actually expecting more for Peter Pan. If they had done Peter Pan first it fell in line with the expectations I had for Alice.. but Alice blew those away and Peter Pan did not, if that makes sense. I do look forward to experiencing Peter Pan a few more times to see what I missed but on a first ride through it was just ok to me. Like many I enjoyed the original and always looked forward to a flight and this has not changed that. I was just hoping for something more with the update.

  • After Peter Pan decided to walk through Tomorrowland and it was substantially more peaceful. Star Tours and Buzz both had minimal waits. We choose Buzz since it was something everyone could do. I ended up with my own space cruiser. Both guns were off and not really shooting that straight. The attraction as a whole seemed in need of some TLC. The ride vehicle was showing wear and the guns were really beat up. Also found it interesting that three of our scores did not even bother to post. There were three zeros on the post ride picture and email.

  • As I walked down Main street USA and then Buena Vista Street I really missed all the red, white, and blue. That just brought some extra summer feel to the parks and it being 4th of July weekend I would have liked to have seen more.. instead we have Diamond Anniversary blue everywhere. Also interesting to note the Dapper Dans had their regular costumes Friday. Lastly I was disappointed that Disney decided not to run any of the 4th of July tags early this year in Anaheim. WDW had shows yesterday but we did not. In years past they would round out the weekend and try to spread the crowds out a bit. With the new World of Color and Disneyland Forever shows I guess they did not feel the need for that. Wonder if the same will hold true for the Christmas season.. speaking of Christmas.. wonder how the Candlelight will work with Paint the Night.

  • The parks did have a couple of military groups visiting over the weekend which was great! Friday the United States Air Force Honor Guard did three performances in Disney California Adventure and then a couple over at Disneyland. The drill team demonstrations were great to watch and the crowds seemed into it. Hopefully my pictures and video captured some of the experience to share. I always enjoy these guest groups and this was a great one! Also noteworthy is the group made the front page of the Disneyland times guide.. and the back page of the Disney California Adventure one.

  • Typically for patriotic holidays I try to go visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln but this time around I was visiting with friends and we did not make it to a performance this year.

  • To close out my evening I found a spot on Main Street for Paint the Night and then Disneyland Forever, it is 4th of July weekend after all and that means I needed to end the day with fireworks!

  • I was parked in the Pinocchio lot due to arriving so early. I still find it odd that they funnel exiting cars out toward Magic Way and Disneyland Drive vs through the structure to exit. Disneyland Drive was very congested when I was leaving due to Downtown Disney parking being full. Seems they should give you the choice of which way do you want to exit. Instead if you follow the arrows to the back of the Pinocchio lot expecting to exit through the garage you are met with a barricade and directed back toward the Magic Way exit and into the traffic mess adding a delay to your exit for no real apparent reason.

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