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  • Page Number: 1
    The concrete has been poured for the tram stop and it looks like it will be open soon.
  • Page Number: 2
    Our first stop, after lunch, was the Blue Sky Cellar that reopened yesterday featuring the World of Color now.
  • Page Number: 3
    The exterior posters are still the same
  • Page Number: 4
    Inside the set up is the same, the changes are to the models, artwork, and film.
    The first billboard looked to be the same with the Silly Symphony Swings
  • Page Number: 5
    The next billboard had shots of the new dining area that will be replacing the SS Rustworthy.
    As well as the new Lucky Fortune Cookie in the Wharf
  • Page Number: 6
    The next board features the Pocohontas segment from World of Color
  • Page Number: 7
  • Page Number: 8
  • Page Number: 9
    The last board on the wall is devoted to the Little Mermaid Attraction
  • Page Number: 10
  • Page Number: 11
    The display case at the end of the entrance hallway has info for the new website, the D23 expor, and other random items.
    A sketch of the Blue Sky Cellar
  • Page Number: 12
    A concept for one of the display areas
    An overview of the D23 Expo Parks and Resorts exhibit.. no real details... but kind of cool to see
  • Page Number: 13
    This display case has the models used in the stop motion filming for the Alice in Wonderland segment for World of Color
  • Page Number: 14
    There is now a model of the viewing area set up (where the old Games of the Boardwalk model was)
  • Page Number: 15
  • Page Number: 16
    The big model in the middle of the room is still there, but now the fountains have been added.
    World of Color has taken over the the large wall opposite the movie.
    One of the animators desks (this is the one that had Toy Story before)
  • Page Number: 17
  • Page Number: 18
  • Page Number: 19
    The other animation desk (this is the one on the left, closest to the entrance)
  • Page Number: 20
    A wider view of the room
    The video that plays on the side of the cellar has been replaced and now highlights World of Color
    Steve Davison talks a bit about the show (from the platform in the Bay)
  • Page Number: 21
    Here are the first three billboards (a wider shot)
  • Page Number: 22
    The back side of the model.
  • Page Number: 23
    Heading out to the Pier now, noticed some progress off to the right where the entrance to Golden Dreams used to be.
    The front of the building has been torn off.
    And it looks like the inside has been gutted
  • Page Number: 24
    The restroom building still looks in tact
    Another look inside
    The other side of the building (where the exit was) has a tarp over it.
  • Page Number: 25
    All the panels and boxes that were near the Zephyr are gone/installed now
    The wall looks to be moving along, hard to tell progress in the rest of the area from this angle
  • Page Number: 26
  • Page Number: 27
    There are new walls up near the Orange Stinger and they go all the way to Jumpin Jellyfish
    There is scaffolding set up in side now as demo work is under way.
  • Page Number: 28
    The rockwork is moving along
    The new walls by the Orange Stinger advertise the Silly Symphony Swings
  • Page Number: 29
  • Page Number: 30
    The icee stand area is behind walls too, as the new walls go all the way to Screamins track.
  • Page Number: 31
    Now time for a trip on the Fun Wheel.
    The rock/stone work is progressing in the viewing area.
  • Page Number: 32
    A look down at the Orange Stinger
    Golden Dreams
  • Page Number: 33
    In just five days quite a bit has changed. A large section of asphalt is gone, the tollbooths, as well as a new steel structure on the far side.
    Here you can see another building going up, this one is to the right of the other one we saw last trip.
  • Page Number: 34
    Here is the first one
    The old Golden Dreams queue area is now just dirt.
    The viewing area
  • Page Number: 35
    A closer look at the conduit
    The Grand CA is moving along, looks like the exterior is just about done
    The rockwork near Screamin
  • Page Number: 36
    Here is the old Timon lot.. they are starting the grading work.
    The old entrance area. Cars are now directed on the old exit road.
    The World of Color trailers
  • Page Number: 37
    A wider shot of the World of Color Work
    The viewing area
    Carsland work
  • Page Number: 38
    Here you can see some cars on the old exit road heading over to the parking lots (they are directed across Disneyland Dr or down to the parking structure.
  • Page Number: 39
    A closer look at the work near the parade building.
    Looks like the support columns are being painted/stained/something
  • Page Number: 40
    I thought this was interesting. They attached wheels to move this into place.
  • Page Number: 41
    I know several of you enjoy closer shots of the fountains.. so here are a couple
  • Page Number: 42
    A random shot from King Tritons
    Here you can see the wood color
    This looks to be nearing completion
  • Page Number: 43
    Walked through the wharf and noticed the small sign is being reused now too.
    Over at the new Lucky Fortune Cookie location nothing visible from this angle
    A tarp up on the side though
  • Page Number: 44
    With a little timing you can still find empty shots in DCA
    We spend some time visiting all the attractions in Bugsland (the Lazygeeks sone turned two this week so we wanted to take him on some attractions he would like)
  • Page Number: 45
    Next up time to check in for the D23 event.
    There was a table set up in the Esplanade
    Finally made it over to Disneyland. There was a sign up near the train tunnel about the dedication replay (nothing in the time guide)
  • Page Number: 46
    The windows are now covered in the bank
    They were setting up for the dedication replay
  • Page Number: 47
    Another sign in Town Square
    Marty Sklar received a window on Main Street in a ceremony before the park opened Friday. His window is on the left side of City Hall.
    His office was on the 2nd floor of City Hall back when he worked at the park.
  • Page Number: 48
    The other window on City Hall belongs to Jack Lindquist
    The line board around 4pm
  • Page Number: 49
    Time for the replay of the dedication, it started at 4:45pm.
    The Disneyland Band, Mayor of Main Street, Mickey and Minnie marched out from the parade gate
    Mickey, Minnie, and the Mayor went up on the train station (for those that caught last years or the ceremony that was held daily during the 50th this was about the same show)
  • Page Number: 50
    The Mayor spoke briefly
  • Page Number: 51
    Then they replayed the dedication
    For the finale birds were released
  • Page Number: 52
    Then they marched back to the parade gate
  • Page Number: 53
  • Page Number: 54
    Custodial CMs trying to pick up after the Street Party (just in time for the next one)
  • Page Number: 55
    Next up it was time to head to the D23 event. There were several CMs (as well as all the D23 guests gathered near the Small World Parade Gate)
    I had the wrong lens so I could not get a good crowd shot, but it was probably close to 200 people. We were not allowed to take pictures for most of the event since it took place backstage.
    After the film and panel though there was a group photo and we were allowed to take pictures.
  • Page Number: 56
    Here is a pan of the group, starting on the right (please let me know if I mis identify anyone). Steven Clark (Head of D23), Mickey Mouse, Bob Gurr (Disney Legend, retired - WDI), Tony Baxter (WDI)
    Bob Gurr (WDI), Tony Baxter (WDI), Tim ODay (Disney Author), Geri Bumpass (retired - Disneyland Guest Relations)
    Tim ODay, Geri Bumpass, Ed Hobelman (Walt Disney Pictures, restoration), Jack Lindquist (former Disneyland President), Dave Smith (Walt Disney Archives)
  • Page Number: 57
    Bouncing back a better shot of Mickey
    A couple more shots of the group
  • Page Number: 58
    Then we were all led over to Plaza Pavilion for some dessert and Magical
    There were Disneyland birthday cupcakes for all
  • Page Number: 59
    Also a selection of water, fruit punch, hot water, coffee
    Also some time to chat with the featured guests (and they were more than happy to take photos and sign programs)
    The entire patio, both sides, were blocked off for the event and you could go back and forth
  • Page Number: 60
    Bob Gurr talking with a guest
    More of the group sitting and relaxing
  • Page Number: 61
  • Page Number: 62
    The conclusion to the evening was a viewing of Magical from this reserved area
    Due to the trees it was a partially obstructed view but still great!!
  • Page Number: 63
    As you enter the garage now you are given the Honda entry form and a D23 advertisement
    I think its great Figment has a role in the Expo
  • Page Number: 64
    Here is the packet you received once you checked in for the event.
    Included were park tickets, a fastpass good for any fastpass attraction and a celebration button
    Then a letter about the event as well as the schedule for the evening
  • Page Number: 65
    Before going in for the panels and film we were each given a goodie bag which included some snacks, water, and a button
    The button
    Also we recieved a program for the event.
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