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    Disney had several AP Thank You notes up around the park. Here is the large banner seen when leaving DCA.
    The train on the West side of the Sunshine plaza is really well done. It houses several shops/counter service locations in its cars.
    Goofy & Pluto are in the train....(one of the stores in the train's display window).
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    As you are walking by Grizzly River Run. The Grand Californian is on the right and the Redwood Creek Recreation area is straight ahead.
    One of the towers in the recreation area.
    As you make your way through the play area the amount of detail is really cool. There are several trails to take and one of them has a track spotting guide.
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    From up on the towers you can look down on the recreation area. In the top half of this shot is a rock wall that you can traverse from right to left.
    You also get some great views of the rest of the park.
    Almost every picture I have seen shows the large bear by GRR, so here is the smaller bear by the gift shop next to the ride.
  • Page Number: 4
    The GRR mountain has several waterfalls and great looking rock formations around its base.
    Speaking of water... had to throw in one shot of the ride itself.
    Also at the base on one side is the vineyard for the winery.
  • Page Number: 5
    Thought this was an interesting sign... it was located near SuperStar Limo.
    This outside of the Muppets building.
    Inside Superstar Limo building.
  • Page Number: 6
    Well lets start off with the classic shot because it came out so good...
    Here is a truely geeky shot for you. The focus here was the whirlpool, an not the reflection of the rides... thank the Lazygeek and the geeks brother for this interesting shot...
    If you just can not have enough of the Pier then take some of it home with you. Here is the coater toy.
  • Page Number: 7
    Speaking of California Screamin' here is the launch way.
    Here is a closeup of the linear induction system. The mist you see is water that is being sprayed on the system to keep it cool.
    Here goes a train down on the start of its trip.
  • Page Number: 8
    Here is a shot from the Golden Zephyr queue looking towards California Dreaming.. We really did not like the number of large ugly light units that lined the parade route... didn't know of a better (cost effective way) to do it, but thought it ruined what would be some really great shots.
    Here is from the ride looking towards the Grand Californian..
    We liked the license plate sign... did not like the ride though...
  • Page Number: 9
    There has been a wall erected around the noisy vents we mentioned in a previous update. It looks ok, and does a great job of reducing the noise. We could not even hear the vents anymore.
    One of our complaints of Disneyland has always been there is not as much background music as WDW has. DCA has really worked on background music, but they seemed to have forgotten the concept of show. In this shot you see the rare and exotic speaker plant... no effort taken to disguise these (we are ignoring the fire hydrant figuring it probably would not meet code to hide that).
    Here is another example of really bad show... This was taken along the lagoon in DCA. It looks like they were working on a telephone connection or something and didn't even bother to cover it or put up work cones. We were in the area for 5-10 minutes and never saw a cast member or construction worker...
  • Page Number: 10
    While in line for the superstar limo we looked up and came across this shot.. Not much to say except the lights looked interesting to us... also we were surprised that the rotating ones in the middle of the shot were actually rotating during the middle of the afternoon. (Couldn't tell if the lights were on though, too bright out).
    Another truely geeky shot.. while in the Superstar limo queue again we found this monorail support beam interesting... they just build DCA around the existing track and supports.
    Well since I have space on this page here is one of the last shot for this section of a trash can near the entrance. Also you can see how they did the tree planters...
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