Disneyland Crowd Shots:

This section was created in response to numerous emails we have received here at disneygeek.com (see we do read and respond to feedback and emails). People kept asking us for pictures illustrating the how the crowds were at the parks. So we thought, why not make a section with a few pictures from each update that highlights the high, low, and average points about the crowd on that visit.

I would not advise drawing any absolute conclusions from the shots. Depending on angles, time of day, luck, etc.. these images can be skewed to make the park look much more crowded, or much less crowded than it really is. So take these images for what they are worth (a snapshot of a particular time and place).

If you are interested in Disneyland Wait Times check out our Wait Time section for a searchable database of line board data from our trips over the years.

Hope you enjoy... if you have any suggestions how to make this section, or any other better, drop us an email at disneygeek@disneygeek.com

Current Online Crowd Shot Sections
Current Offline (Available upon request)
  • 07/12-14/02 Disneyland Resort - Rockin' the Bay Concert Kickoff - The Beach Boys
  • 05/31/02 Disneyland Resort <
  • 05/17/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 04/26/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 04/06/02 Disneyland Resort (DCA - ABC Super Soaps Weekend)
  • 03/29/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 03/15/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 02/20/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 02/15/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 02/02/02 Disneyland Resort
  • 01/18/02 Disneyland Resort
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