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    On Thursday evening my University of Southern California Trojans took on the Rainbow Warriors of the University of Hawaii at Aloha Stadium.
    We arrived around 3pm for the 5pm kickoff.
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    The University of Hawaii team arriving.
    Taylor Wily who plays Kamekona on Hawaii 5-0 was on hand, he has a relative on the Hawaii team.
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    Looking at the long walk up ahead of us.. visiting team seats are in the upper deck.
    About half way up..
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    Out in Pearl Harbor a radar unit.
    Finally at the top of the ramp (our seats were up higher but this was a nice place to look around).
    Speaking of Pearl Harbor.. the Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri.
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    The view from our seats. Still nearly 90 minutes to kickoff.
    This is my third game here.. first time on this side of the field (last time was opposite and the first time in the end zone).
    The Spirit of Troy was below us and playing already.
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    Team warmups..
    Pregame performance by the University of Hawaii.
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    As part of their pre-game they play the theme from Hawaii 5-0 and a cheerleaders surfs on the field.
    Time for USC to take the field.
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    Half time they had a large group performing in addition to their band. I forget the organizations name.
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    They also had dancing fruit.
    The final.. USC won, but it was not pretty.
    After the game the team came down to our end zone while the band played Conquest!

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