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    The Waikolohe Valley which named for its mischievous waters sits in the center of the resort. It features a large central garden, between the two towers, is designed to simulate Oahu’s overall landscape: dense and wet in the center; sandy and palmy on the outskirts. One of my first looks down into the Waikolohe Valley from the lobby on 8/27 around 3pm.
    The valley is flanked by the two Towers that make up Aulani. On the left is the Ewa Tower.
    Below the lobby at the start of the valley is the outdoor area of the Olelo Room
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    Down in the valley a look at the water feature near the Olelo Room. The fountains have difference water patterns and lighting. Here they are hitting each other.
    A map of Aulani.
    Another wide picture of the valley and you can just barely make out the ocean beyond.
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    I was up early due to the time change and ventured out to walk around the valley. This picture was taken about 6:20am. The two tents in the background is where you pick up your towels and wristbands.
    Spinning around and looking toward the lobby. The rising sun reflecting off the Waianae Tower.
    Continuing my pan to the left you can see the Menehune Bridge, which is the kids play area, I will post a dedicated section on this.
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    The walkways are wide open and shady before 6:30am. To the left is the Lavashack and restrooms to the right the Rainbow Reef viewing area and straight ahead the Waikolohe Pool
    Walking to the edge of the valley and looking out toward the lagoon and ocean beyond.
    A look at some of the rock work. I will have a dedicated section to the volcano and the animals that I could make out in the rock work.
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    I am not good at identifying plants, so I will not try, but thought it was interesting people were carving their names into the leaves of this tree.
    New signage going up around the area.
    A look at the koi pond portion of the water feature.
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    One of the several torches that are around the valley.
    This mailbox is out front of Aunties Beach House. This is the childrens activity center.
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    Now some random pictures as I walked around the valley.
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    The view from the 16th floor of the Waianae Tower
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    The Waaikolohe Stream is very visible in this picture. That is the lazy river water feature of the pool.
    Another early morning view from the lobby.. this one from the morning of the 29th at 6:30am
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    The view from the 16th floor of the Ewa Tower.
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    A closer look at the Puʻu Kilo volcano
    Rainbow Reef this morning it does not open for hours..
    The Menehune Bridge play area
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    The view from later in the morning, around 10:30am.
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    This walkway takes you by the Piko Stone
    The Piko Stone of Aulani
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    This walkway area is in the middle of the Waikolohe Stream. So you are flanked by water on all sides.
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    Another view from the Ewa Tower.
    The walkway from Auntys by the Ewa Tower looking toward the lobby.
    Looking back.
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    This was the view as you walked out of Waianae Tower on the ground floor.
    You can rent these.
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    Stitch along the walkway nearest the Ewa Tower
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    These little fountains are all around the valley and light up at night.
    Mickey out for pictures this morning as guests head into the character breakfast.
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    This is the view from a 10th floor DVC Villa (it was hosting an open house).
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