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    I went to the top of a garage at the University of Southern California to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavour fly around the LA area. While waiting a test picture of the Hollywood sign.
    The shuttle arrive from the North/West and flew over the California Science Center.
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    The shuttle then turned toward the North after passing the 110 freeway it looked like.
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    Here it is heading toward downtown.
    It passed to the North of downtown and headed west.
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    It then turned back toward the South.
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    The Griffith Park Observatory in the background.
    Here is a wide shot. The Hollywood sign to the left, Observatory to the right. Downtown is to the right in this picture.
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    It lined up and came right over us.
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    After passing by it turned West again and went out to do a wider loop and turn around to head toward Pasadena and JPL before turning South to Orange County and Disneyland. This wraps up my pictures.

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