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    We headed West to Ko Olina today.
    Passed Wet and Wild along the way.
    For more shots of the Disney property check out the separate update I have with an extensive look at the work.
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    Some props from the Pirates filming were still in the harbor.
    First stop the Marriott Beach Club to meet up with the Lazygeek and his family.
    The resorts lagoon/cove.
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    Looking back at the Beach Club
    Next stop (skipping Disney this time) is the JW Marriott.
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    In the ponds around the resort are a quite a few colorful tropical fish.
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  • Page Number: 6
    Heading back to the Beach Club.
    An empty lot next to Disney.. wonder who will built here.. or can we start expansion rumors?
    Looked to be some work going on off shore.
  • Page Number: 7
    A turtle was up on the beach.
    Next up Game Time.. We headed back east to Aloha Stadium.
    The stadium is located right next to Pearl Harbor.
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  • Page Number: 9
    Looked like they were working on the bridge to Ford Island.
    The Missouri in the distance and the Arizona Memorial.
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    The tent is where USC had its pregame festivities. This was taken from our seats.. not a bad view of the harbor.
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    Game time...
  • Page Number: 12
    The USC band (seniors only on the trip) and Song Girls were down and to our right.
    The half time show featured Hawaii 5-0.. plugging the upcoming show.
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    A couple random game shots.
    Well SC hung on and won, but not as impressive as it could have been.. and it definitely did not meet our high expectations for the team.

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