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Studio Tour Update

A friend of the site sent in the following information on their Disney Studio tour, taken in August 2010.

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They told us they lengthened the tour to 2 1/2 hours because it felt rushed at 2 hours.  There were 30 people in each tour and the price was $50/person.  The number of people was manageable so we were never split.  Becky from Archives was our tour guide and did a great job.  We registered at the Hyperion Bungalow, gathered at the topiary, and started at Pluto's Corner.  She took us through the Animation building, then through the underground tunnel to Ink and Paint.  We hit the other main buildings before passing the sound stages (although weren't taken inside), passed the backlot and into the Frank Wells building.  It sounds like they added some time in the Archives for us to browse in a more relaxed fashion.  Dave was on hand, which was great!  He showed us the same first things he showed your tour (Disneyland ticket, parking pass, first ticket booklet), then he showed the first two Disneyland souvenir brochures/booklets.  We didn't get the scripts, backgrounds or drawing of Mickey.  I would have loved to have seen that!  They had a D23 merchandise cart in the lobby of the building and allowed people to buy some of the items that have been coming with our quarterly magazines (e.g. calendar, Epcot patches, etc.).

We then went to Legends Plaza, the Team Disney building and through the remaining loop that seemed similar to your tour.  It was a great experience and I'm glad I made the trip.  I found myself thinking they missed an opportunity to give us Disney-ish wristbands.  The purple paper things were a little disappointing for true fans/collectors... and there was some confusion at the end of the tour regarding our gifts.  They told us they were still getting used to the routine of the re-routed tour.  We received the same security guard patches and then did a little shopping in the Employee Center and Studio Store before leaving.  It was a fun experience!
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