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D23 Expo - Day 3 Thoughts and Observations (9/12/09)

Saturday was the "Parks" day at D23 and unfortunately due to a prior commitment and the USC vs Ohio State game I was not able to attend. Luckily there were few photo and video restrictions on the day so there is plenty of video and information out on the web.

The big news of the day happened during the Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks Keynote presentation in the Arena. Here Jay Rasulo confirmed the rumors that started earlier this summer of a major Fantasyland makeover at Walt Disney World. He also confirmed Star Tours II will be coming to the parks in 2011. The rest of his presentation featured things that had already been announced such as the Cruise Line, DVC, Adventures by Disney, as well as some Cars Land info, including a quick simulation run segment. For the press release from the parks presentation click here.

If you attended any of the presentations/information sessions and would like to share your thoughts, video or pictures let me know.. I am really interested in the Its a Small World and Making of the US Presidents talks.

Nuts and Bolts: The D23 Expo ran from 9/10-13. One day tickets were $37 for adults and $27 for children. All four days were $111 for adults and $81 for children. For D23 members the price was $30/$22 and $90/$66. The main floor was open from 9am - 5pm (opening at 8am for D23 members). Presentations and movies were scheduled all day and into the late evening (midnight 3 of the nights and 11pm one night).

For a video of the complete presentation as well as the press conference that followed check out WDW News Today. They have it as one clip (or you can go to Youtube where its 5-7 clips depending on who posted it). Click here for WDW News Today Parks Presentation coverage

Disney Released two segments. Here they are:




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