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12/27/02 - Downtown Disney and a Quick Shopping Trip
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12/27/02 - Downtown Disney and a Quick Shopping Trip

Yesterday I made a quick visit to the Disneyland resort. It was supposed to be a quick Downtown Disney shopping and lunch. We arrived around 11:30 and parked in the Downtown Disney lot with no problems. Walked through DD and did some shopping. I was looking for an ornament and the World of Disney store did not have any more. So I had the bright idea to go into the park and see if it was still there. I headed to DCA first figuring it would be less crowded. About 20 people in front of me to get in the gate, not too bad. Of course about half of them had a problem or something so the line took a while. Got in the park finally and headed to Greetings to see if it was there. Of course it wasn't so I headed out of the park and over to Disneyland. In DCA they had several banners and signs up promoting the New Years Eve events. The crowd in the park seemed heavier than usual, but still not that bad. No clue what wait times were like since I only went in the store and then back out.

Next it was over to Disneyland, I was really on a mission now to find the ornament. Found a short line (only about 5 people in front of me) to get in. Luckily Disneyland had most of its entrance turnstiles open. Got onto Main Street and realized the place was packed. Made it down to China Closet and of course no ornament. So I did a stupid thing and decided to trek out to New Orleans and check out the Christmas shop... stupid idea... decided to cut through Adventureland, which of course was jammed from when you passed the rest rooms all the way out to Pirates. I of course then made another bad decision. There seemed to be a lot of people on the bridge, so I decided to go down and around. Got down there and saw the pirates queue was overflowing and traffic was stopped. People were everywhere. The most crowded I have seen the park in quite a while. Finally made it to the Christmas shop. No ornament. So I gave up and headed back to rejoin my group at Downtown Disney. On the way back I braved tomorrowland again, this time going over the bridge, which was better. But it still took 3-4 times it normally does to get to Main Street. I did notice that Indy's standby line was 115 minutes.

Back to DD, then over to Rain Forest or ESPN for a quick lunch. It was now 12:30 and key lunch time of course so waits were 20-30 minutes at both. We opted to head out and find something on the way.


So to sum up the visit Disneyland was packed yesterday. DCA had a mild crowd. Downtown Disney had a good size crowd.


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