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10/13/02 A couple thoughts on the opening of A Bugs Land
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10/13/02 A couple thoughts on the opening of A Bugs Land

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I just wanted to share a couple thoughts about the opening of a Bug's Land at DCA. Let's set aside my confusion on how this fits into the theme of this "cutting edge" theme park. I really think its a step back to the roots of Disney. Making attractions that children and their parents can enjoy together based on their films.

I think the rollout of this new land was done incredibly well compared to recent events at the parks. The had an option to fit everyone's pocket book. Ranging from Free maps and pins for Premium Passholders to the Preview packages. I thought the free maps and pins were really well done and a great way to introduce people to the new land. The qaulity of the maps was pretty good too.

I am sitting here looking at the new guidebook for the parks (I still am not too keen on the single book for both parks, but that's another story) and its really interesting to me how A Bug's Land has become its own "Land" in the new park, putting it on equal footing with the others (Hollywood Backlot, Golden State, Paradise Pier, and Sunshine Plaza). I always thought that the way the park was divided seemed so strange. It was hard to explain to people how Condor Flats, Pacific Wharf, etc.. were all part of the Golden State and that was part of DCA. I thikn splitting up the Golden State is a great idea and should make it easier for people to understand the park.

One last comment, I am surprised the dining locations in the farm area have not changed yet to go along with the bugs, guess that's latter if the area draws crowds?


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