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8/08/13 - My thoughts and observations from a Thursday trip to the Disneyland Resort
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8/08/13 - My thoughts and observations from a Thursday trip to the Disneyland Resort

Hello all,

.I headed down to Anaheim Thursday for a long weekend at the D23 Expo being held at the Anaheim Convention center. I managed to find some time Thursday afternoon to spend at Disneyland. I spent a majority of the trip catching up with friends and roaming the parks with someone who had not visited since the last Expo.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The crowds Thursday were on the heavy side when we arrived. The security check line stretch back toward the Toy Story bus area. There were two tents open but the lines were all moving slow. Once we finally made it through there we were greeted by long lines at the park entrances too. Luckily as the afternoon went on the crowds seemed to thin out, so maybe we just had bad timing and arrive like everyone else right before lunch. Adding to the slowness to enter the parks the photo system for the multi day tickets was not operating properly so they were checking IDs instead which really slows things down. I really think they should have dedicated annual passholder lines in an attempt to speed things up. I know they tried dedicated lines for multi day tickets but maybe pull all the AP people out to a separate area and see if that helps.

  • We spent a good portion of the visit in Cars Land since it was new to our out of town guest. Their first impressions were positive of course. They followed the pattern of really enjoying the Racers, but commented on how it seemed short. The Flying Tires were a mixed reaction.. basically neutral and Maters was a surprise for them at how much they enjoyed it.

  • Saw Mickey and the Magical Map. No problems getting a seat 10 minutes before show time. I still think the audio is too loud for the show. During the princess segment their voices all seemed to run together.

  • Went on the Fun Wheel for the first time in probably a year. I had been avoiding it after the endless trips around Mickeys face to get pictures for World of Color, Cars Land, and other DCA projects. There was no line and it gave me a chance to get a few pictures of the covers on the back side of the Cadillac Range. Interesting the covers are on the parts visible from the park only. I had originally thought it was for the outside view but no, it appears to be for those in the park. Wonder if they will put something on the lower section you see right up against the Pier. I think from the distance of the Fun Wheel they work ok.

  • Nothing else of note jumped out at me on my quick walk through Disneyland. I really did not spend that much time roaming the parks.. we hopped from item to item on their checklist and then had to head out. We left the park by 4:30 to allow for time to check into the hotel and grab dinner before I was to head over to the Expo for a preview. So this was a very short trip through the parks.

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