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7/08/16 - Thoughts and observations from a Friday trip to the Disneyland Resort.
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7/08/16 - Thoughts and observations from a Friday trip to the Disneyland Resort.

Hello everyone,

Friday was another great weather day at the parks. Highs were in the 80s and it cooled down into the 70s in the early evening. Crowds were moderate again. Wait times seemed light throughout the day with some peaks and valleys as normal. Walking around there seemed to be a fair number of guests though and it was slow going at times. A time note, Disneyland is back to midnight closings and DCA 10pm this week.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Star Wars construction has gone vertical. Well in reality retaining walls and other barriers. I do not think anything for the land itself is moving yet. A lot of utility work and other preparation work is underway across the site. It looks like they are working to get the Big Thunder Trail and Rivers of America areas back in operation as the first phase, as you would expect. I would really like to see a recent overhead picture of the site to try and see what is going on. The combination of the distance and angles currently available make it hard to tell.

  • The security lines to get into the park were not that long but were moving very slowly. The hold up seemed to be with the bag check portion. All guests were going through the secondary screening and that seemed to be moving quickly with empty stations even. Wonder why they have not tested x-ray machines like they use in Paris in an attempt to speed up the process for most.

  • Stopped by the preview for Pete's Dragon that is happening at the Sunset Theater in Hollywood land. The cast members out front said it had a set schedule of every 20 minutes. I thought the blurb in the times guide should say this. Nothing has been done to the queue or outside. Just some signage changes. It is still very much the Frozen look inside. The preview itself is about 10 minutes and shown in 3D. It shows Pete's first encounter with Elliot then some other clips from the film. When you exit the theater be sure to look at the screens over the exit doors.. you may spot Elliot in the forest. Another interesting note is they had the theater open to sit in while waiting between shows vs making you stand in the pre-show area. It was nice to sit and relax for a few minutes. In terms of theater effects I did not feel any water, just wind being used this time.

  • Nick and Judy from Zootopia have been moved to the left side of Stage 17. This works to give them a queue and shade, but it is unmarked. No mention in the times guide either. So you have to ask a cast member or get into a random line. But I always see guests in line even with the location changing. Speaking of line the Marvel line on Sunset was long as has become the norm.

  • I was disappointed to see a half dozen hard metal benches in the Animation building now. Hopefully it is temporary. The larger/softer seating areas were substantially better.

  • Seems they area still having issues with Soarin. I picked up a FastPass and went back to use it and the return line was almost to the main walkway. So I am assuming at some point it was down again to cause a backup. Or maybe I just had bad luck.. but it seems more times than not since it has switched films the return line has been long.

  • It was nice to see some work on Tom Sawyer Island finally. Looked like general renovation projects. I was surprised to see scaffolding up around the tree house, the internet speculation was that it was going to be removed. Maybe they are just permanently removing access? Was hoping some of the rumors about changes to the Fort were going to happen but so far not visible indications of any changes going on there.

  • I ate dinner just before 5pm and the Hungry Bear was really quiet again. There were a couple more tables of guests than last visit but not many. There were two cast members working the registers and both registers had gone to a sleep mode because it had been a while since the last guest came through. I opted for a quick burger and it was not good. I am not a fan of the buns they have been using recently in the parks. Seems for the price you are paying you should have a bun that taste better and seems fresh. Not sure how to describe these, guess rubbery (you can see why I do not do food reviews).

  • The Dance the Magic summer event is this weekend. It brings hundreds (maybe thousands) of dancers and their families to the park. Friday they performed before Mickeys Soundsational parade. It is impressive to see them fill the parade route with performers.

  • Stopped by the Star Wars Launch Bay and it was really quiet. Some guests were watching the film, a couple in the store and short lines 5 minutes only for one to meet the characters. The upstairs was dark and from the vantage point at the bottom of the stairs showed no signs of work going on. I was hoping that a preview of the Star Wars project or something else would be moving in upstairs.

  • In the times guide there is now a section titles Rivers of America Entertainment and it lists the Jambalaya Jazz and Royal Street Bachelor performances for the day. The Bachelors perform on the Mark Twain and the Jambalaya Jazz on the River itself. These happen throughout the evening with a couple of performances after the fireworks even. I thought it was great to see some activity and guests milling around the riverfront enjoying the cool evening listening to live music. Hopefully the evening entertainment continues to expand.

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