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5/30/14 - My thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.
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5/30/14 - My thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.

Hello all,

Arrived at the Disneyland Resort just after lunch with the hope of a lighter crowd at the parks this week and a relaxing trip. Parking this week was back to normal with minimal waits, unfortunately my luck of being sent to the far corner of the garage was still there. Once in the parks the crowds were about normal. Wait times were mild most of the early afternoon with only a few exceptions and they crept up as the evening went on. It was a Grad Nite day so there were large groups of high school kids roaming the parks and this skewed some lines, for example Tower of Terror was at 105 minutes just before 9pm.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • I spent the early part of the afternoon walking around Disney California Adventure. I circled the park to see what was going on and the conclusion was nothing too noteworthy. There was some new merchandise out at the Fly n Buy for Soarin, even though the Disney Parks official blog said not until June. Great to see attraction specific merchandise coming out.

  • I had a request for menus so I made a point to take pictures of most of the menus I passed on my way and included them in the update. Is this something you all enjoy seeing? Do you want to see more or more frequent checks?

  • Stopped by the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree and the Springtime Roundup is still going on. Great to see Roger Rabbit still out. Really surprised to see no line for him, just like the other characters. The only one with a line this visit was Minnie and that was a handful of guests. Wish Disney did a better job of promoting the Jamboree and maybe would bring in some entertainment to help draw guests. The current offerings do not seem to doing the trick. I am glad they are keeping the area open at least. But I would have to think it is under performing based on what we have seen there. From a guest perspective it is a great opportunity for some character interactions with minimal waits usually. I would advise checking it out if you are in the parks to see who is out.

  • As I walked around Disneyland I heard quite a few guests commenting on Space Mountain being closed. Especially the Grad Nite groups. They were quite disappointed. Also heard the same over at DCA about Grizzly River Run and the great weather (it was in the low 80s when I arrived and cooled down to the low 70s/upper 60s by the time I left.

  • This year Grad Nite is following the same format as last year. High School groups show up throughout the day and are mixed in with regular park guests. The students can park hop and enjoy all regular attractions and entertainment. Then at 10pm as Disney California Adventure is closing for regular guests the Grad Nite festivities kick into gear in Hollywood Land and Cars Land with DJs and dance floors set up. After the regular World of Color ends and day guests leave more of DCA becomes available just to grads. DCA remains open until 2:00am for Grad Nite. There is a special World of Color featuring a several minute Grad Nite performance with the fountains performing to modern dance music.

  • I ate dinner at the Village Haus and they have not changed their french fries.. as good as the ones were last week at Taste Pilots that is how bad they were this week. I should have looked before I ordered but I was in the area and hungry so grabbed some food.

  • Closed out my evening watching Magical from Buena Vista Street. I learned I really can get lost with no sound track with this show. With Remember Dreams Come True I am fairly good at figuring out where they are in the show.. but with Magical I was out of sync until near the end.

  • As I was leaving traffic on Disneyland Drive was really backed up. They were not allowing cars onto Magic Way (guessing the Downtown Disney lot was full and the overflow to the parking structure was getting there. A fairly steady stream of cars were arriving on the 4th floor of the garage as I was leaving so looks like it was still open.

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