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3/16/18 - Thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
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3/16/18 - Thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
I was watching the weather forecast all week trying to decide if I wanted to go on Friday. I tend to avoid rainy days because the cold rain is just not fun for me and dealing with the drive in the rain makes it even worse. The forecast became more favorable with a chance of light rain around 50% from 6pm onwards and a higher chance later in the evening. The rain did hold off with only a slight drizzle just before 9pm and at that I headed for home and ended up driving through some decent rain pockets. Temps were in the 50s and the wind would come and go so it was cold for us locals. Crowds were moderate, actually on the heavy side considering the weather. Spring break season is underway.. always interesting to see guests in shorts and short sleeves.. I do not think they read weather reports and just assume its always hot here. I cannot believe at home if it was a chance of rain and 50 they would be wearing that.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Parking was an adventure again this week. The overpass was closed so I had to sit through a couple of lights to cross Ball Road. Then once again only a couple cars at each toll booth lane. Today the lanes were backed up just to the top of the ramp on the level. I choose unwisely and added about 5 minutes to my parking wait, but did get a decent spot. I was undercover which was my primary objective given the rainy forecast, it is always nice to load the car without getting soaked. Then leaving they were forcing traffic from levels 3 & 4 (I was on 4) to go through the light at Ball. It was coned off and I could not get to the overpass. It took 3 or 4 cycles to get through the intersection. Not a pleasant way to end my evening (or start my day). They could really use another overpass so they can always have both directions open. This would be extremely helpful when the new structure opens and a 50% increase in capacity is added.

  • Speaking of parking structure the new structure is moving along. More grading was underway and removal of more of the former tram area and parking infrastructure is underway. I wish they would put up some concept art in the tram area to show what is coming. I am curious plus it would make the are look a lot better.

  • Looking across the street at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge work there was not a lot visible progress this week, which is expected. Once the mountain ranges progress a little more there will be even less to see as the work shifts to the marketplace/village, interiors and below the tree line.

  • The 2018 Eggstravaganza has begun at the parks and Downtown Disney. There are 36 eggs hidden this year (12 on each quest) and you get a small egg prize. I always enjoy the hunt. This year there seemed to be more eggs inside stores than past years (but I did not count to confirm this, just felt that way). There were a couple challenging ones but overall they were on easier side. I would really like to see them alter the hunt with different characters. Ten of the twelve are common among all three hunts.

  • Out in Paradise Pier the Pixar Pier colors are starting to show up with more red being added to the Incredicoaster. Work is moving along as the scream tubes are being enclosed and painted and facades being swapped out. For the spring break season the Cove Bar has reopened and it had a long wait as usual. Disney has released some more concept art of the coming changes. One interesting note is it is being reported that the Carousel is not returning until 2019.

  • Over at Disneyland the Straw Hatters were performing and welcoming guests near the park entrance. It is a nice way to enter the park with live music but it seems awkward to have them in that area over to the far right as you enter.

  • The track replacement project on Main Street USA is in the final stages. Almost all the walls are now gone and the track and brick is visible for most of the street. The only walls that remain are for the spur line going from Town Square backstage near the fire station. Overall the track and bricks look good. I still think the area in the hub and Town Square that passes close to the old bricks looks odd with all the different kind of brick.

  • Walking through Downtown Disney I crossed paths with one group performing only and they were set up near the bridge over Disneyland Drive. I found this a little odd that the main stage and the other spots that usually house entertainment were all empty but the group was here. Wonder if this is a new location to move them further from Splitsville? Or a one off for some other reason.

  • At Disney California Adventure the Food & Wine Festival continues. No real changes to the line up or offerings this week jumped out to me. Several of the Marketplace lines were long. The longest I spotted was just before 6pm the peppers one had almost 30 guests in line to order and around a dozen waiting for food. The queue went up the walkway by the vineyard. Many of the other lines were around a dozen guests or so.

  • At Disneyland the wait times were on the moderate side but still longer than I would want to wait. For example Pirates was around 30 minutes. The Monorail was 2-3 train wait. I was able to roll through a couple of FastPasses with no waits at all for Buzz Lightyear (which turned 13 on the 17th) and the Haunted Mansion. I had planned to close out my evening with a Radiator Springs Racers FastPass then Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks, but as I was in line for Racers a light drizzle started. Based on the weather reports I figured this was the leading edge of the storm so I decided to bail out of line and head for the exit before it got worse. I had no desire to spent a cold and wet night at the park then have to drive home.

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