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2/22/13 - My thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort including Liberty Week with the Voices of Liberty.
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2/22/13 - My thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort including Liberty Week with the Voices of Liberty.

Hello all,

Friday was a mild day at the Disneyland Resort. There seemed to be a lot of guests roaming around but wait times were not that unreasonable with most well under an hour the couple times I paid attention. The weather was on the cool side, highs in the mid 60s dropping to the 50s as the sun set.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • My main objective of the week was to take in a concert or two from the Voices of Liberty who were celebrating Presidents day all week under the banner of the Limited Time Magic as Liberty Week With the Voices of Liberty. The event was advertised as the top billing on the Disneyland Entertainment Time Guide, but once in the park I saw no real mention of the event. I was a little disappointed not to see some additional signage or other offerings around the Opera House to go with the event. It seems to me Disney missed an opportunity to plus the event a bit with some characters, merchandise, or something.

  • But this disappointment was short lived after listening to the great concert the Voices put on. I really enjoyed the show. As you saw in my update they intermixed some quotes and presidential history plus a great rendition of God Bless the USA and Golden Dream into their nearly 20 minute set. I went back a second time later in the day and found it interesting that they rotate the parts so other singers can have the solos and speaking parts. So even though it was the same show it was a slightly different experience. Below is a video of the first show I attended:

  • As I roamed the park I seemed to encounter and pause for a quite a few of the entertainment offerings this trip. It was not by intention, except for the Voices of Liberty concerts. Due to this I thought it was funny I did not make it beyond Town Square for several hours.

  • Over at DCA nothing to interesting or noteworthy to report from a quick afternoon walk through most of the park. I did notice on the time schedule that DJ is gone. And no mention of the Oz Preview in the time guide or park map from what I could see either.

  • As I was heading toward Hollywood Land I noticed a Red Car stopped by Tower of Terror with seats available. So we hopped on and took a ride to the Buena Vista Street. This was only my second time on a moving Red Car, oddly enough both going this direction. I was surprised by how long we had to wait for the other car to make its journey and reach the pass point. I guess there was a lot of congestion on Buena Vista Street which really slowed things down so we sat there for I would say close to 10 minutes waiting to be dispatched.

  • Walked through Downtown Disney on the way out this evening. Always an interesting experience with an assortment of activities going on Friday evenings. Thought having the stage off to the side behind the construction wall made it a bit awkward, but there was still an ok crowd there. Wonder when the work will conclude and what they are doing. If it is just infrastructure or if there will be an enhancement to the area.

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