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Mail Call

Hello everyone,

Thanks for those who have written in, we do read and reply to all emails we receive. Below are some of the more interesting ones:

Several Requests:I have had a handful of requests for the questions from the VMK quests.

Geek's Response: I don't see any harm in sharing the questions.. I am going to make it a step harder though and not give out the multiple choice answers right now (if you want those feel free to ask.. also if you want me to check your answers I will tell you which are right/wrong but I will not give out correct answers that would ruin the fun..


  1. When exploreres leave their tent to roam, which Jungle Cruise anials make themselves at home?
  2. Indiana Jones Adventure awaits, and as you exit find the trucks license plates.
  3. Find who is in charge of keeping time? (Tiki Garden)
  4. For these Adventureland activities you will have to pay, but which one costs the most to play - Rajahs Mint Penny-Press, Shrunken Neds Witch-Doctor Advice, or Aladdins Other Lamp wishes
  5. At Indiana Jones Adventure step just inside, to a stone obelisk showing how people died. These fates await those who look in Maras eye, but which one of these is NOT a way you will die? - Eaten by rates, Bitten by a snake, impaeled on a stakes, or stung by a scorpion
  6. This last question will make you take note, while waiting in line before boarding your boat. A queue-line creature is what you seek, iots animated movement makes it unique.

Frontierland/Critter Country:
  1. How many rubbies sparkle and shine within the letters of the "The Golden Horsehoe" sign?
  2. Most folks say this was the year the Fireworks Company came to the Frontier?
  3. Locate Rainbow Ridge around this rock formation, and find which building is at this destination?
  4. On the wanted poster fo Alameda Slim... what's the reward for turnin' him in?
  5. In Critter Country find Tom's lookout point, where the view across the river won't disappoint. But what won't you see hanging on Tom Sawyer Island?
  6. This one is a freebie, there was a printer error or something and a sticker saying its free..

  1. The images upon King Arthur's Carousel, tell the story of which famous young damsel?
  2. Above the apple that cacles aloud, who's in the window standing proud?
  3. Towards the Matterhorn you must now set forth and find the Yeti footprint from the slope in the North, What date was it discovered?
  4. Look for the arch before the Train, which of these stories does it contain?
    Alice In Wonderland & Fantasia / Dumbo & Pinocchio / Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella
  5. Topiaries are creatures made from shrubs and trees, but you'll have to search hard to find one of these?
    The Yeti / The Loch Ness Monster / Hyacinth Hippo / Pegasus
  6. All over this Land you'll find lots of detail, but in which of these places - No Monstro the Whale?
    As the entrance to Storybook Land / On Pinocchio's Daring Journey / As a weathervane on Pinocchio's Daring Journey / As a topiary in front of "it's a small world"

Ramona Writes:Jason, First of all I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading and seeing your pictures. You have done a wonderful job putting it all together. I am making plans to going back for my 4th visit in August 2006 with my husband and our children. I was wondering if they still have that BBQ place near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If you have this information.

Geek's Response: Unfortunately the BBQ place your referring to has closed down. They removed the serving train a couple of years I ago I think. The tables are still there and they use the area for special events and occasionally the gate is left open and you can go in and sit down in the shade.

Jules Writes:

So...what are they going to do with the Submarine Lagoon? Just curious.

Geek's Response: The old sub lagoon area is being rennovated and converted into a new attraction... the official announcement should be next weekend, but all signs point to a Finding Nemo themed submarine adventure. From what I have found park guests will travel through liquid space again in the same old submarines along the same route but now will encounter characters from Finding Nemo and the great barrior reef instead of the old assortment of sealife.

Jackie Writes:

The plate with the castle on it is the plate that represents 2005 and beyound and will be the last plate issued in the set. I was just there last week and purchased the plate that is now on sale. On July 17 the second plate will come out.

Geek's Response: Jackie, thanks for letting me know.. I did not read the fine print on the signs, but did see them everywhere.



Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other other guests of the sites through the geek's blog

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