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Mail Call


We have been receiving some interesting emails lately. Here are a few to share:

Sy Writes: Thank you so much for this oppty to ask questions. I have a disabled family member and his Key goal is to watch the Electric parade. I know that after a family day at the Park, he will not have the stamina to walk around or wait at the curb. The ecv's (scooters) won't work for him for a number of reasons. I understand the the EC can be seen frm the Pariadise Pier Hotel from the " Park view". Are there any suggestions you have to maximize his ability to view it from the hotel room?

Thank you very much for your help and you rinformative website.

Geeks Reply: Thanks for visiting our site and dropping us a line. Technically it is correct. You will be able to see the MSEP from the Paradise Peir hotel. It will be in the distance. You will not really be able to experience it though. You will not get the size, scale, detail, and sound from the hotel. I would definetly recommend against trying to catch if from the Paradise Peir hotel. Also note that the walk from the hotel to the park is across a street and several hundred yards. Unlike the Grand Californian where you can walk directly into the park. I would recommend talking to Guest relations at DCA and taking advantage of the handicap viewing area. With the non-existant crowds at DCA you really do not have to line up a long period of time before the parade to get a front row seat. Also note that most of DCA does not have "curbs", it is an experience unlike the normal Disney parade route. Another option if you wish to spend some money is the "VIP" seating. I think the best option probably will be to take some time in the middle of the day to rest so they will be able to make the parade. Then as parade time closes in to go find a spot along the route. If you go out near the Peir area of DCA you usually do not have to show up much earlier than 10 minutes before the parade begins.

Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to fire any questions or comments back to us.

Sy's second email: Thank you so much for your thoughtful and realistice answer.

I pursued your suggestions of VIPseating and calling Guest relations-- unfortunately none of the guide books ort the travel agent even mentioned such an option, and thanks ot your excellent description, I re -thought the idea of trying to see it from the hotel.

As a result, I am happy to tell you that we reserved at the Disney hotel --which, with the monorail will make our trip into the park much more manageable, and purchased seating for the EC at the patio of the Vineyard restaurant and also seats for fantasmic at the Disney gallery. this guarantees us a close, seated unobstructed view of both events.

Thank you again for your kind information. I'll let you know any if there are any items tah might interest you after we return.

Kelly (from Canada) writes: I haven't asked you any questions in a while, but here it goes. I was wondering if you could tell me something. I tried looking on the website, but it's useless right now. I want to visit in May of this year, the weather is fantastic and I find the crowds not to be too annoying like they were in Juen. However, I'm going
with someone who has NEVER been to Disneyland in their life. I am really hoping that they will have Fantasmic playing by that time. But two years ago they didn't. Do you know when Fantasmic starts or anyway I could find out
That would be amazing if you could help me find out.

Geek's Reply: I remember the name... as for your question it seems like that information should be available somewhere. The budgets at Disneyland are done around October (the fiscal year at Disney starts then). At that time
they set the major schedules. This off-season it seems Fantasmic is scheduled for Friday's and Saturdays. I am guessing when you were here a few years ago they just had Believe on Friday's and Saturdays. They appear to be only willing to run one or the other during the offseason.. Then again this year they are under new management so anything is a guess. I would say there is a good chance of Fantasmic being on a Friday or Saturday night in May.

Can anyone out there give us any more clarity on her question?

Jennifer writes: I may be picky about this, but anyone who offers commentary, essays, articles or any form of the written word, ought to have proper grammar instilled in every one of them. Otherwise, your site is great.

Geek's Reply: Thanks for pointing this out. We are aware of the problem (namely I usually type as I speak instead of how I should write). I do try to "proof" what is up, but many times I miss items due to the fact that I read what I meant instead of what's on the page.... Thanks for writing and we will work on this... remember though my background is as an engineer/software guy and not an English major...

Rick writes: I figured with a handle like Disneygeek, you may be able to help me. I have been searching the web for a statistical analysis of park useage and crowds, and have not been successful! I'd love to see (I'm sure it exisits, Disney has to run these stats even if they aren't in the public domain) stats on number of visitors per date over the year. Yes I am planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom, and I am trying to find an ideal time.

Please help, if you know of any web site that has these stats.

Geek's Reply: Rick, I am sure Disney has this data, but they do not share it with the public (or news media). They stopped reporting annual attendance back in the 80s and since then its been up to guidebooks and trade magazines to come up with estimates. Off the top of my head I do not know of any websites with specifics broken down by month. In general though the busiest time of the year (I am assuming since you said Magic Kingdom its Disney World) at WDW is the time around Christmas with an extra rush from Christmas Eve through New Years. After the first week of January and through Presidents weekend its fairly slow. The two week's around the holiday weekend are busier and then it calms until spring break(easter) starts. The crowds in May and early June are not that bad either. July through August are summer crowds, with 4th of July weekend being the busiest. As fall arrives the crowds leave. October is usually one of the quietest months. In November the Time around Thanksgiving picks up a lot. The week after Thanksgiving through the week before Christmas used to be a very quiet time too, but in recent years the secret has leaked out and the crowds are still mild but heavier than say 3-5 years ago at that time of year.

Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other disneygeeks in our disneygeek forum

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