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Mail Call


Time for another mailbag.. as always we would like to thank everyone for dropping us a line. Always great to know what you think of the Site, Disney, anything.. our goal is to someday average as much real email as spam... one can dream...

Julie Writes:
Hi...I am a subscriber to your updates...I was a contest winner for the local ABC affiliate for this past weekend to see the new fall schedule. We drove down on Thurs night to get full days in at the park. We were at Disneyland Friday (and Sunday...I;m surprised we're not in any of your pictures as we were the same places you were!). Anyway...we rode Thunder Mountain between 1030a and 1100am and left the area to go to Fantasyland and didn't know a thing about the accident until we took a break at the D'land Hotel and heard some people talking about it. Very eeary to think we were just there. It was a nice weekend, but annoying at DCA as so many things were closed and had to walk around areas where they were filiming or you didn't have access to areas or you had to wait longer for a ride as a "star" and their people cut in front of you to ride an attraction. Oh well... Thanks for your updates and pictures...we saw Aladdin and headed to the Mezzanine for a great view....thanks to your pictures I had the where-with-all to direct my family up the stairs for a great view. Julie

Julie, glad you enjoyed the trip. And congrats on winning something.. much better than I usually do.

Hey Geek, It's Kevin. I was also there on Sunday but didn't arrive until about 1:00 PM. Saw ONE show at DCA for the ABC Primetime thingy and was very disappointed. The celebs that I really wanted to see were a no-show so went over to DL. The crowds were small enough that we were able to hit Pirates twice, Matterhorn 3 times and HM 4 times before it went down for HMH. It was sure nice to see the lighter crowds compared to the summer. Thanks for the update and the great pictures! ===== Kevin, SoCal

Hey Kevin,
I have seen several sites talk about the low attendance at Disneyland, so sounds like your report was observed by others too. Guess it was a great day to be at the park...

Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other disneygeeks in our disneygeek forum

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