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Mail Call


Time for another mailbag.. as always we would like to thank everyone for dropping us a line. Always great to know what you think of the Site, Disney, anything.. our goal is to someday average as much real email as spam... one can dream...

Finding Nemo Opening Weekend.

I have gotten a couple questions about Nemo... will see it next week hopefully. Looks like a lot of people went this weekend. Box Office Estimates for the three days (Fri-Sun) is just under $71 million. If it holds it will be a record for a animated opening. For comparison Treasure Planet's total run was only $38.1 million. Lilo & Stitch last summer ended up with a total of around $145 miillion. Pixars last offering, Monsters Inc. totaled $255.8 million, opening weekend was $62.5 million. Disney's top performer is the Lion King. In its first run it total $312.8 million (Adjusted for inflation in today's dollars that is: $452.5 million). Wonder if Nemo has a chance a passing it? Any one have comments or opinions to share on the film? If so stop by our message boards.

(All numbers quoted came from Box Office Mojo)

I was at dca wed 5/21 and that stage had a x games half pipe on it. Here are pictures they're not that good but you can get the idea.

(Click on the image for a larger version)

Thanks a lot for the shots. Always great to see what's going on around the parks. We cannot be there all the time.. so as always feel free to share your pictures with us. Looks like they were taping a commercial or photoshoot for the upcoming showcase at DCA.


Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other disneygeeks in our disneygeek forum

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