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Survey Replies

I want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out our survey, I have read through all of them and appreciate the comments. It was nice for a couple days to get more real email messages than spam.. Below I am going to list a summary of the comments and a couple responses. I recieved quite a few more positive ones than negative, so I would like to thank you all for the comments. The most frequently cited positive was the Disneyland and Walt Disney World updates, followed by our information on them.

One of the most common "complaints" was that you wanted more from us. More pictures, comments, guest columns, geek speaks, hidden mickeys, wallpapers, etc...

We are trying our hardest to grow the site. We are limited mostly by time and what people give us. Time in terms of getting to the parks more frequenlty, especially WDW since I live in California. We will try, but I think the frequency of updates will remain about the same 2-3 Disneyland Updates per month. As for more guest columns, that is really up to you. If are always looking for guests, whether it be a regular column, a one time shot, or some other arrangement. Feel free to drop us a line.

You want more interaction on the forums

Again this one really gets back to you, the guest. The forums are only as good as the number of people participating. Many of the replies and comments come from people affiliated with the site, that's great, but we really need more questions, opinions, thoughts, etc.. from guests of the site in order to grow it.

We had several requests for more pictures and items on the Disney Mountains.

Well the reason there has not been more, especially onboard items, is that I don't ride them and the others who go with me to the parks refuse to wait in line and are too lazy for fastpass most the time. I will work on getting some reports from the mountains. If anyone out there is a regular and wants to help us out this would be a great way...

Guests want more multimedia. Videos, sounds, etc...

We will work on adding some videos to the site, the largest drawback here is server space. We are very limited by it.. maybe we will expand.. but probably not for a while.

Ads were the most common complaint

Every seems to understand these are a necesary evil of the internet. It comes down to charging to use the site, begging for money, or advertising in order to support the site. We have managed to keep our expenses low (web hosting, domains, etc..), but still some advertising is required for us to "break even". We have tried several affiliate programs to try to raise funds, but they did not seem to catch on. We still ones through Staples, Amazon, and Laughingplacestore. So if your looking for any items they may carry, please buy them using a link from our site, it really helps out and it costs you nothing extra. As for our ad policy we are trying to limit it to one pop-up and on invue ad per visit per 12 hours. Hopefully that is a happy medium between annoyance

One of the more interesting suggestions we had was to grade the attractions.

Not sure if we are going to do this or not. I am working on a "favorites" section to expand out a past geeks mailbag that listed our favorite Disney things. We shall what becomes of this idea...


Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other disneygeeks in our disneygeek forum

Send comments, questions, any other email to: disneygeek@disneygeek.com




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