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Mail Call

Dufour wrote us in response to a question I asked in the Friday April 18, 2003. I asked why 1932 is on the sign in the Toontown Park.

He Responded:

The two only answers I saw could be the release of flowers and trees, and the fact that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has create a Best Cartoon category, a sort of acceptation of the existence of Toon. A second fact is the color Sunday haf-page began for Mickey Mouse.

James sent us some photos of work being done on the rocks at Tom Sawyer Island, this happened a few days before we went, you may want to compare to our update.

Click the image to see a larger version.

A friendly reminder from some CMs who visit the site... remember they just work there. They do not make park policy. That covers what attractions are open/closed, prices for things, and other "rules". They are a great source for information about the park, but if you have a complaint/management issue that really needs to be taken to City Hall to get a proper hearing.


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