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Geeks Favorites

Most of the emails we have been getting recently have been related to what we like best, whether is a place to eat, a place to see, an attraction, or just our favorite park. I keep replying that I am working on a section, but finding time has been an issue. So I decided to compile a quick list to share. Its not complete and I know there will be some changes once I get the section made. Feel free to drop us an email or discuss our selections in the message board section of this site. We do read and reply to every email and post. Thanks for your patience.

Park: Disneyland
Attraction: Disneyland's Pirates of the Carribean
E-Ticket: Disneyland's Indiana Jones
Runner Up: EPCOT's Test Track
Fireworks: Believe there's Magic in the Stars

Place to eat: Corn Dog Truck on Main Street
Attraction: Pirates of the Carribean & Small World
Classic Attraction: Peter Pans Flight
E-Ticket: Indiana Jones
Closed Attraction: Country Bears
Show: One Mans Dream
Parade: The World According to Goofy
Guest Group: Barrage

Place to eat: Award Weiners
Attraction: Soarin'over California

Place to eat: Yachtsman Steakhouse
Place to stay: Yacht Club/Animal Kingdom Lodge
Favorite Park: EPCOT
Runner up: Animal Kingdom
Fireworks: Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
Show: Festival of the Lion King
Hamburger: Beaches and Cream (Yacht/Beach Club)
Hot Dog: Restaurantosourus (Animal Kingdom)
Steak: Yachtsman Steakhouse
Pizza: Pizza Planet (Studios, but really most are the same)
Chicken Strips: Mara(AKL)/Food and Fun Center(Contemp) (really its all the same but those are my favorite 2 places
Most Variety of food: Rain Forest Cafe (both locations)
Breakfast: Yachtsman Galley / Concourse Steakhouse
Dinner View: Cinderellas Royal Table / California Grille (Both around fireworks time)

Place to eat:
Attraction: Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger
Parade: Main Street Electrical Parade

Place to eat: Le Cellier the Canadian Steakhouse
Attraction: Test Track / American Adventure
Guest Show: Mike Post and the All American College Orchestra
Show: Illuminations Reflections of Earth

Attraction: Disney Animation
Place to eat: Sci Fi Diner
Show: Sourcary in the Sky (the original version)

Attraction: Kilimajaro Safari
Place to eat: Restaurantosourus
Show: Festival of the Lion King

Pool: Yacht/Beach Clubs
Best Location: Yacht Clubs
Easiest Transportation: Animal Kingdom Lodge
Theme: Animal Kingdom Lodge
Dining: Yacht Club


Thanks again everyone for your comments and questions. Remember you can also write us and other disneygeeks in our disneygeek forum

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