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  • Page Number: 1
    A picture of the Boardwalk hallway as I head out for the day.
    Walking over to the International Gateway around 9:30am.
    A nice 15 minute walk from the room to inside the park.
  • Page Number: 2
    Barges out for Illuminations.
    Looking back at the Skyliner tower and other work for Ratatouille going on next to and behind France
  • Page Number: 3
    Making my way toward France for breakfast.
    Looking back across World Showcase Lagoon the Guardians of the Galaxy building towering over the treeline.
  • Page Number: 4
    Walls up on the side of France. This will become the walkway to the new Ratatouille attraction.
    Walking through France this quiet morning.
  • Page Number: 5
    Our destination.
  • Page Number: 6
    After breakfast walking back through France
  • Page Number: 7
  • Page Number: 8
    Passing through the United Kingdom
  • Page Number: 9
    Beyond Germany you can see the top of the Riviera Resort taking shape.
    Behind Italy you can see a tower for the Disney Skyliner system.
  • Page Number: 10
    To the right of Morocco is the large show building for Ratatouille behind the trees.
    Making my way to Future World.
    Clean up work from the Food & Wine Festival is still underway on the left side of the walkway.
  • Page Number: 11
    The Guardians of the Galaxy building is almost enclosed on the park side.
    More work near Innoventions, I believe this is clean up from the Food & Wine Festival too.
    The performing arts stage is not set up.
  • Page Number: 12
    First stop in Future World is the Land.
    The greenhouses feature some holiday decorations. Each year they seem to add a little more.
  • Page Number: 13
    Can you spot the not very hidden Mickey?
    A closer look.
  • Page Number: 14
    Another Mickey
  • Page Number: 15
  • Page Number: 16
  • Page Number: 17
  • Page Number: 18
  • Page Number: 19
  • Page Number: 20
    Next stop the Seas with Nemo and Friends.
  • Page Number: 21
    A lock out chamber demonstration underway.
  • Page Number: 22
    A temporary meet and greet for the stars of Ralph Breaks the Internet in the former Innoventions space.
  • Page Number: 23
    The crowd was picking up as the morning went on.
  • Page Number: 24
    The Jammitors
    The former Universe of Energy and future entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy.
    The solar panels are removed from the roof.
  • Page Number: 25
    Off to the side you can see a small portion of the main show building for the new attraction.
    The front of the building has been removed.
  • Page Number: 26
    Banks of pay phones in Future World still.
  • Page Number: 27
    Spaceship Earth and the entrance topiaries.
    A glimpse of the Guardians track and building as you exit the park.
    The entrance area to Epcot is in need of a rework with the new security requirements.
  • Page Number: 28
    A monorail cruising by as I walked to the bus.
    Onboard a bus and leaving Epcot for Saratoga Springs enroute to Disney Springs.

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